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Head Distiller Wanted - Boston, MA

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Three Lanterns Distillery is welcoming applications for an experienced Head Distiller for a start-up distillery in Boston, MA. Our ideal candidate will have extensive experience in distillation and brewing as well as all phases of production, sourcing, operations and compliance. The ideal person has a history of success as a skilled distiller and brewer with the experience to deliver world-class spirits and the creativity to experiment with new ideas and products. This position requires an individual that can work independently at times and manage significant responsibility.

This position is a salaried career opportunity with competitive compensation that will be commensurate with experience, work-ethic, knowledge and passion. Must be able to work in a collaborative, team environment and possess strong attention to detail. The position requires the ability to oversee and manage daily production activities and ensure safe, clean and efficient distillery operations. Responsibilities and supervisory role will increase as the business expands. Must possess the ability to conduct and manage sourcing, mashing, fermentation, distillation, processing, bottling, barreling, and reporting processes and procedures. Must also be able to represent the business well at local events and stay current on industry standards.


  • 5 years experience in distillery operations
  • College degree with education in scientific, technical, fermentation or brewing disciplines preferred, but not required
  • Candidate must be able to lift 50-75 lbs.
  • Operate (noisy) mechanical equipment
  • Operate forklift
  • Ability to stand on feet for long periods of time
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational skills with constant attention to detail
  • Ability to perform wide range of duties
  • Trustworthy and loyal
  • Self-starter with strong initiative
  • Understands importance of safety and cleanliness
  • Must be at least 21 years of age with clean, valid driver’s license
  • Applicant subject to background check

If interested, please send resume and contact information to info@threelanternsdistillery.com




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