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I do not know TTB's position on issuing a permit to someone who grows cannabis in violation of federal law.  Whether the non-intervention policy that appears to be in place today has that wide an umbrella, I do not know.  Whether the non-intervention policy will continue is anyone's guess.  Prudence would suggest that if one is going to invest in a DSP, one would want to know how TTB will respond to the question you ask.  That is not an answer that anyone on this forum can give.  Contact and attorney and have the attorney ask an "I have a client who ..." question.  Or ask yourself, if you don't mind calling attention to your interest in the answer,

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The TTB won't have a problem with it unless the tide changes under the guidelines of the DOJ... seeing how it swings like a pendulum, and the TTB takes the law enforcement approach, not the common sense first approach, I'd say they are going to give you as much trouble as they and the IRS can.  Unless you are an investor with sound financials, and can afford that kind of roller coaster, and are ok with the extensive costs involved, I would never do it.  I lived in cannabis central for over a decade.  I have extensive lists of friends who mingle on both sides of the lines and when they get licensed, they don't mess with cannabis anymore because its just a land mine field of problems all the time.  The fact that its federally illegal makes the argument that it is legal void in any court battle, and its a sour disappointment on the grandest level, the legal reason is, it COULD, POTENTIALLY, find its way into interstate commerce, therefore violates interstate commerce arguments.

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