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  1. Chiller Setup

    Wow. That's brutal. From a performance perspective I am aware of no reason not to go with PVC compared to ABS. I can't imagine the cost of doing our in copper. Ouch!
  2. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    On the TC vs DIN -- I thought I liked TC but our new still has DIN. Infinitely better.
  3. Chiller Setup

    For what?? We have a 2500 gallon reservoir. We do have a single check valve but don't have any bleeders. We though about adding on at the highest point near the dephlegmator on our tall column. Our loop is piped in Schedule 80 PVC.
  4. Aeration

    We try not to oxygenate and simply overpitch. I don't want the yeast doing their aerobic thing, I want them doing their anaerobic thing.
  5. Wiring Control Box

    Lots of white wires in the box. Im hesitant to even guess. It appears there are only three wires coming into the box -- two hots and a ground? Where are you located? Really need a proper schematic.
  6. 300 gallon new Still for sale

    ASD uses triclamp not DIN.
  7. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    It seems someone has already done this: https://www.cooksillustrated.com/how_tos/6458-instant-aged-bourbon
  8. Anyone seen this: www.good-libations.com

    It always concerns me when they claim trademark (Good Libations) when none exists. Could be a marketing/web dude screwup but make one wonder...
  9. Reverse Osmosis or Deionized water

    We considered a small (3 GPM) DI column for post RO but have never had any issue with visible crap in our bottles. If it aint broke don't fix it.
  10. Fermentation stops @ 50%

    Is this correct? I believe this is the same thing as your high temp enzymes but not thermostable. This could be your culprit. You need both alpha and glucoamylase -- the former makes long chain sugars, the latter cuts those so they can be fermented. Can you confirm two apha additions? Edit: Just read @DenverDistiller's comments after I posted my reply. What he said!
  11. Baudoinia compniacensis (black fungus)

    These kind of complaints really boil my piss. When people don't understand they fear -- the old NIMBY argument. Infuriating. Best of luck in addresses their (generally) baseless concerns. We're all pulling for you!
  12. Baudoinia compniacensis (black fungus)

    Someone has had too much time on their hands. Where are you located?
  13. Fermentation stops @ 50%

    Funny you mention that. Here in Indianapolis about two times during the year they switch from chlorine to chloramines to do a heavy sanitation. Wonder if something like that is going on in Kzoo.
  14. Intro to NaCa Fermentation

    And what region might that be?
  15. Agave

    Hey @bluestar, isn't Tailwinds up in the Chicagoland area a big agave spirits producer? Sure would be interested in how they do it.