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  1. Looking for a nice used 2 bottle filler
  2. What do you think the shipping will be ?
  3. Who out there has an easy to use program for monthly TTB reporting
  4. What would be a good source for gin recipes that a person could tweek to a recipe that works for them ?
  5. Just found out that my lease will not be renewed, before I call the TTB what form do I need to fill out, or do I need to call the TTB, thanks, mike
  6. Have not started production, can I file my monthly reports if I'm not on pay.gov yet.
  7. Thanks
  8. I'm still waiting for pay.gov to approve my app.
  9. Looking for a plastic spirit bottle supplier for 1/2 pint. pint, 750 ml
  10. I just received my dsp permit 3 weeks ago, we will not be doing any producing for a few months , what forms must I file in the beginning as most of this looks greek to me, thanks, mike
  11. Just got my dsp permit 2 weeks ago, have not set-up yet, but are there any books or phamlets that will explain in simple words on how to fill out all the paperwork, I know after a while I will understand it, but for now its all greek [ no offense to the greeks ]
  12. I filed on May 1st 2016, received my permit last Thursday December 8th, 212 days
  13. Looking for a good used mash pump
  14. My tun is 160 gals, looking for 120 volt but will look at best deal, electric only
  15. I have a combo tun/still 160 gals
  16. Clackamas, Oregon
  17. Looking for a supplier for plastic 50 ml miniatures in bulk
  18. Looking for a supplier of 50ml miniatures in bulk
  19. Any chance of a pic, thanks, mike
  20. Morning, are you selling a whole mash pump or just the motor, thanks, mike
  21. need more info please, thanks, mike
  22. I have acess to a large amount of Asian pears which I have juiced and froze. Any good brandy recipes for fresh frozen juice. Thanks. Mike
  23. Looking for a good potatoe recipe for a 160 gal still
  24. Not yet, still looking at the process