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  1. Thank you to all who replied. We found our still. Cheers!
  2. Hi Ben. Very interested. Private message sent. Thanks!
  3. We have narrowed this down to the Stilldragon dash or crystal dragon with a 120L boiler OR a hillybilly GEN2 with a 53 gallon or 26 gallon boiler. These two options seem to make the most sense, and cost wise, most economical. Thoughts? We are still looking for used R&D stills if anyone has one. Thanks
  4. Thanks... Like the football player. Ha Will check them out
  5. Hey bottle, We have a very similar situation (4 co-founders with total financial support coming from us), and when I talked with a rep from the TTB, she indicated that we needed to show our company's bank records, as well as three months bank statements from each individual and a record of our personal money going into the company bank (i.e. check deposit to our company acct from the individual acct). If what falling rock is saying is true, it was not reflected in our conversation with TTB... One other thing though. I think you can add your own SOF as an attachment on your personal OOI registration portion and then refer to that in the general application. That way your personal bank records can stay discrete, but the TTB should still be able to reference your bank statement through you OOI.... Don't trust me on this one, but I was hoping we could do it this way- still need to confirm.
  6. Thanks PAPAZULU. If you don't mind, could you write me a few quick reasons why SD versus the others? This is the one we understand the least..
  7. Thanks rt. That's definitely an option. Did you do this?
  8. Hello, Do you have a small still sitting in the corner of your space collecting dust? Want to unload it and take the kids to Disney Land? We are looking to buy a small starter/small batch R&D still. Something in the 26-50 gallon range we be perfect. We have currently researched Hillybilly, Mile High, and Still Dragon stills. Everything from those as simple as single boilers with 6 plates to baine marie-types with agitators are under consideration. However, we are trying to keep costs down and still develop quality product while implementing the "starting small" concept. If you have one, know of any available through someone else, or have a particular opionio regarding your favorite R&D still, please let me know. Much appreciated, Curt