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  1. Just submitted ours yesterday! hoping Moonshine scenario above is the new norm- 72 days! but not holding my breathe!
  2. Thanks again. I love government regs.
  3. Thanks dh. So just to clarify... If we are permitted beverage, and we intend to make only beverage spirits, we need to purchase and register with a producer of GNS who has beverage permitting. Not someone selling GNS with an industrial permit.
  4. Thanks kk, This makes a lot more sense now. I found the form you mentioned as TTB 5100.16. We would just fill this out with the GNS provider and submit to TTB after receiving our DSP. Much appreciated, Curt
  5. Does anyone have any knowledge of a specific part of the DSP application process that is specifically related to GNS or NGS? One of our owners spoke with a gentlemen during a distillery tour and he mentioned something about a specific permit from the feds when using GNS. I talked with a rep from the TTB today, and she didn't seem to be aware of this, and mentioned that if using GNS as well as mashing from scratch (we plan to use both techniques at different stages), that we may have to apply for the permit as both a beverage and an industrial permit? Does that sound right? Does anyone have an answer for this or some insight? It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense that we would need to apply as an for an industrial permit if we are simply purchasing GNS and then making GIN by running it through our stills with the additives. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Curt
  6. Thanks Tim. We are in Northeast Ohio. Appreciate all your suggestions. Stumpy's tun is a little too big but hopefully someone else will post something. I like your mash tun/ still idea... I'll keep looking
  7. Thanks NJ, Our plan is also to use a similar scenario to reuse our cooling water and recycle what we can. Our current still wont work for mashing, so we are going to have to come up with a separate piece of equip for that. Appreciate it.
  8. Hi Tim, we currently have a 75 gallon capacity. any ideas
  9. Hello, Had a lot of success looking for a used still, so thought I would give it a try for the other essentials. Looking for a smallish mash tun (<200 gallons), some simple fermenters, and a filtration unit. Also open to suggestions on cheap alternatives (i.e., is anyone actually using Brute food grade plastic containers for fermentation?). We are definitely bootstrapping this process, so open to all ideas or items you might have. Thanks for your creativity and your comments/items if you have them. Cheers,
  10. Thank you to all who replied. We found our still. Cheers!
  11. Hi Ben. Very interested. Private message sent. Thanks!
  12. We have narrowed this down to the Stilldragon dash or crystal dragon with a 120L boiler OR a hillybilly GEN2 with a 53 gallon or 26 gallon boiler. These two options seem to make the most sense, and cost wise, most economical. Thoughts? We are still looking for used R&D stills if anyone has one. Thanks
  13. Thanks... Like the football player. Ha Will check them out
  14. Hey bottle, We have a very similar situation (4 co-founders with total financial support coming from us), and when I talked with a rep from the TTB, she indicated that we needed to show our company's bank records, as well as three months bank statements from each individual and a record of our personal money going into the company bank (i.e. check deposit to our company acct from the individual acct). If what falling rock is saying is true, it was not reflected in our conversation with TTB... One other thing though. I think you can add your own SOF as an attachment on your personal OOI registration portion and then refer to that in the general application. That way your personal bank records can stay discrete, but the TTB should still be able to reference your bank statement through you OOI.... Don't trust me on this one, but I was hoping we could do it this way- still need to confirm.