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  1. Yes you can do direct sales to bars and liquor stores.
  2. Hedgebird How much of a difference in heat up times did the insulation make? was thinking of doing the same just want to make sure its worth the effort. John
  3. I would say let the farmer worry about separating the grain or find another farmer one less headache for you he's getting a pretty good deal on free grain
  4. The feds took us 32 days so i would agree in giving them a call. When i called to politely make sure there was nothing more they needed they were more than helpful.
  5. Scott, My floor already has a coat of paint on it so I'm just freshening it up. Believe me I'm not the type to worry about a scuff or scratch and a repaint would not involve moving everything lol John
  6. Roger, I know this probably won't help but I just bought epoxy paint today. I figure with paint any time it starts to look like crap I can just repaint and have a new floor. John If your ever down this way stop in. We hope to open sometime this summer, early I hope.
  7. +2 for Jennifer
  8. We just received ours today 32 days total! We were expecting 3 months so now we are 2 months behind.Not that I'm complaining.
  9. We applied for our DSP on 2/8/13 and we just got our approval today!!! It took a total of 32 days. Not too shabby!! John
  10. Good for you! Hope to be close behind, placed in final review a couple days ago, checking email often haha. Wish we were going to conference again this year but much work to do. Good luck !!
  11. On the TTB application is this just based on physical space of the bonded area? I understand the amount of proof gallons to be produced based on your bonds, but this seems very subjective.Any help Thanks John
  12. Equinox, The kettle that I am looking at does have a national board number and they provided me the paper work that goes with it. It shows the jacket to be sa240-304 and the "shelf and the heads" to be sa240-316 and yes it would be used for a mash cooker. Thanks John