66 to 122 gal. automated GENIO Still

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Our 66 to 122 gal. stills range in price from USD $10,120 to $18,150.

Our stills have the following advantages:

Automated distillation runs through touchscreen computer display and ability to save up to 6 distillation runs for future production

- Full manual control with ability to observe temperature, pressure, power consumption, etc. during the entire process

Two principal distillation options:

  • Pot still mode (70 to 150 proof) for flavor rich spirits such as whiskey, brandy, rum, gin, etc.

  • Reflux still mode (190 to 193 proof) for vodka or neutral spirits for subsequent gin production

Additional options:

  • Jacketed tank for on the grain distillations

  • Agitator



66 gallon GENIO Still 250


GENIO Still column with copper basket and touchscreen color display computer

To see full list of options and capabilities, please visit our website at:

We have showrooms in USA, Canada, England, Poland and Australia for anyone wishing to see our equipment in action.  Our contacts can be found at the link below:



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Our GENIO 250 still is running like a champ and putting out some great vodka.  It has also made us some awesome Rum that is ageing as I type this.  Looking forward to the arrival of the new 250 liter jacketed mashing/stripping still later this month.  Can't wait to see what other great innovations are in store for the new year.  I will post some photos when the new equipment arrives.

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Here are some photos of our forthcoming jacketed MashStill. It is a combination mash tun and still which we will use for mashing and stripping to start as we are already using the existing GENIO 250 still for vodka, Rum and Whiskey.  The large manhole will be great for cleaning after mashing and the duplex columns allow for a center positioned agitator (missing from photo) which will give us some amazing mashing results.   This MashStill is fully automated and electrically fired and will be set up and used at our distillery in upstate NY.


Mash still.jpg

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