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  1. It was much the same experience when we signed on to DistillX5. After a couple of very frustrating months we threw in the towel. The software is probably just fine, but it is extremely difficult to maintain accuracy, especially if more than one person is interacting with it. But what really bugs me is the subscription model. I'm sorry but the math of alcohol doesn't change. Why do we have to keep paying for the same thing over and over? All you are really paying for is database management - that you have to manage yourself anyway! Diabolically clever. At this point I'm back to my excel spreadsheets. Perhaps not the best solution but a hell of a lot cheaper when you consider how much alcohol you'll have to sell to meet the monthly subscription fees.
  2. I feel your pain and our bottle supplier only says it's going to get worse before getting better.
  3. Glenlyon

    BC distillery's

    Bruinwood Estate Distillery. bruinwood.com @bruinwooddistillery
  4. We switched to DistillX5 about 5 months ago. It's excellent software but we have not been able to make it work for us and we are currently abandoning the system. It's very expensive and probably best suited for bigger distilleries with limited skus. One of their sales lines is (roughly): "X5 takes the anxiety out of distillery management." We found it did the opposite.
  5. Distillery burns to the ground... https://www.cheknews.ca/they-are-absolutely-devastated-new-distillery-in-sooke-burns-down-after-early-morning-reports-of-explosions-fire-784160/
  6. We have a geothermal cooling system that we have just doubled in size. It runs all the time on a continual loop and the hot condenser water is piped through radiant floor piping embedded in the tasting room floor. The system is passive and costs us practically nothing to operate and it's really efficient, cooling all of our stills and fermenters and best of all - its completely silent. It was also very cost effective to install - comparatively speaking and our customers love the concept from an environmental perspective.
  7. Glenlyon

    BC distillery's

    Yes, I'm a BC craft distiller.
  8. The advice you are looking for can be found on https://homedistiller.org/forum/
  9. Also, don't use the entire citrus - rather, just use the zest. We've found using the whole fruit does tend to create more of a problem.
  10. Don't waste your time. Go directly to Universal Packaging and let them do the heavy lifting.
  11. Golden is a great mountain town and this would be a great opportunity to really go after the tourism market. My sister lives there and has been catering to that market for years with her lodge. I would definitely give this a run if I didn't already have my own place.
  12. Thanks for clarifying. I keep forgetting our business environment is so much different.
  13. Don't forget when selling to liquor stores and restaurants, you generate less revenue per case because you'll be selling at wholesale prices. So you'll need to sell that much more to make it pay, therefore - you'll have to make more booze and then spend more money marketing to make sure to sell all that extra booze.
  14. The key to a successful tasting room is making it female friendly! You want it cozy with lots of natural light and humour.
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