How Much Does/Did Your Glass Cost You?

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I'd love to hear how much people are spending on their glass for 750ml bottles. 

Please feel free to post:

Bottle Cost

Cap/Cork Cost

Label  Cost

Shipping Cost


In my research on the subject I'm seeing prices vary like crazy. What's a reasonable floor estimate for glass of acceptable quality and consistency? Ali Baba has some crazy low prices from Asian suppliers but I suspect the quality isn't quite there to justify ordering for the absolute cheapest. I just don't know what a "reasonable" floor cost would be for non-custom 750ML glass. 


All thoughts and insights greatly appreciated!

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I am looking into this as well... the prices I'm getting quoted are anywhere from, I believe, $1.38 to well over $2... would like to see some around $1 or less... as far as alibaba... I don't know if the quality is lacking, but the shipping over here definitely will leave you yearning for something to ease that burn.

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There are bottles out there that can be around $1. Of course, quantity helps drive down the price. Many companies have a large selection of stock bottles to choose from. 

Other ways to drive down cost are looking at height of bottle and weight. The shorter height allows for more cases per pallet and a lighter weight bottle helps lower shipping costs. 

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