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  1. Been running our 600 gallon system from Specific since July. Absolutely zero complaints, great company, great equipment!
  2. Sorry, I don't know of any courses in Canada. Have heard good things about the various offerings at Moonshine University in Louisville although courses there are pretty pricey. There are also a lot of classes offered by distilleries themselves which tend to be less costly. Keep track of the education section in this forum for available classes!
  3. Look at the pro's, You'll be retired so you'll have an income stream from your retirement plan and you won't necessarily need to take money from the business for a few years. Don't discount the advantage that gives you. The best piece of advice I got before starting my distillery was "don't quit your day job" - after 3 years I'm finally starting to transition away from my full time job. A supplemental income during the startup years is very helpful. You own the farm so you won't have to purchase property/buildings. Metal buildings are fairly cheap and you can probably find a great spot on the farm to build (If you don't already have a building available). You have 5 years to learn. Attend classes, visit other distilleries, put a business plan together and see if it makes sense! Cheers!
  4. MarkDM, keep in mind that everyone has a story to share. Some share predominantly the negatives, do not let that completely derail your potential journey before you even start. I remember when my wife was expecting our first child, all the experienced moms out there shared their painful delivery stories to the point she was scared to death. In the end, things weren't as bad as she imagined and we went on to have another child a few years later. She vowed never to share the grisly details of birth to first time moms she met, rather the positive experiences. Apple's to orange's comparison I know but that's what I first thought of while reading this thread. Yes, you want to go into any venture like this with eyes wide open so input from those who have done it, both good and bad, is very valuable. There are scary lows but also euphoric highs in this business, only you can judge if you are willing and able to deal with both extremes. Best wishes!
  5. If your still has an angled agitator shaft (most do), you don't want to run that with any of the blades not completely submerged.
  6. Huffy2k

    Multi Use Labeler

    Race makes some great labelers. https://www.racelabel.com/
  7. We run a USFIP like that and that's been our experience.
  8. The basket that came with our still, taller than it is wide, attaches with a twist lock at the top of the pot. Since the connection between the pot and helmet is 6", that's the limiting dimension for us and, I'd imagine, for most stills. As this basket covers the entire path to the helmet all the vapor would have to flow through the botanicals. I'd tell you how good our gin is but we've never actually used the basket to make gin! 🤔🤣
  9. Rye is made from distillers tears!
  10. Blanket statements like that always make me chuckle.
  11. Wishful thinking on their part I'm sure...
  12. We have a pretty good deal on a 300 gallon Trident system currently available.
  13. Hi Devin, I honestly don't see a "con" in adopting a distillery management software solution unless you consider having a small bit of extra free time that these packages will give you over manually recording, calculating and filling out TTB reports a con. Not to discount the need to familiarize yourself and staff with the CFR but if you have the extra couple hundred dollars a month these systems cost by all means subscribe to one of them from day 1 of your business if possible. We're big Hoochware fans.
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