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  1. We have a pretty good deal on a 300 gallon Trident system currently available.
  2. Hi Devin, I honestly don't see a "con" in adopting a distillery management software solution unless you consider having a small bit of extra free time that these packages will give you over manually recording, calculating and filling out TTB reports a con. Not to discount the need to familiarize yourself and staff with the CFR but if you have the extra couple hundred dollars a month these systems cost by all means subscribe to one of them from day 1 of your business if possible. We're big Hoochware fans.
  3. I've recently submitted a couple amendments to my DSP through PONL for transfer in bond for several distilleries that we are working on a collaboration whiskey with. Given that I've gone through PONL, I can't seem to figure out how to show the other distillers that I've gotten approvals for all the TIB's. In other words, is there a way to print an approved TTB F5100.16 report through PONL? All I can seem to show them is a screen capture of my approved amendment along with the TIB information for each distillery?
  4. Couldn't agree with you any more Foreshot! Great advice and good luck with your venture!
  5. We are upsizing so we need to move our 2.5 year old Trident still, mash tun and fermenters. This package makes awesome whiskey, has been meticulously maintained, and is in excellent condition. This setup is a great choice for a startup distillery or a nano distillery looking to scale up. Trident makes excellent equipment and we've been super happy with this equipment. We're looking to sell this whole package for $65,000 OBO. We're located just south of Pittsburgh for freight cost reference. 300 gallon Trident stainless steel pot still steam jacketed (Approx 1 hr heatup time for 300 gallon charge) low reflux solid copper head, great for whiskey, brandy, rum, genevers, etc. Still has only been used for whiskey. Two temperature indicators Stainless Steel Lyne Arm Stainless Steel tube-in-shell condenser Stainless Steel Parrot 1 HP agitator with 120 Volt 20AMP VFD controls for variable speed 3” butterfly drain valve 4” sight glass 2” fill spout Insulated tank with copper sheathing 16” manway PRV/VAC tank protection Twist lock Gin basket (never used) Body is 4' in diameter and still is roughly 110" tall from floor to lyne arm 400 Gallon Trident mash tun Stainless steel construction (6'x4'x3' tall) Dual steam jacketed (40 min to 1 hr heat up time for 300 gallon mashes) 1 HP agitator with 120 Volt 20AMP VFD controls for variable speed 300 Gallon Trident sealed top fermenters (quantity 3) Stainless steel construction (4'x4'x3' tall) Floor sloped toward drain.
  6. It's my understanding that any corn that is harvested by a combine must be already dried on the stalk. Moisture content should be around 14% so the combine can effectively harvest. While 14% is adequate for harvesting, we have our farmer dry our corn further for long term storage. Couldn't imagine using fresh corn for mashing..
  7. Just the time in a barrel.
  8. Roughly 9 month lead time for our 600 gallon system. We use a pot still so no column or plates. The whiskey head was custom designed to our specifications. Very responsive and very professional to work with. They're not cheap but not Vendome level prices either. They have been in business a long time with a long list of satisfied customers and that was very important to us.
  9. Jake, we have ordered equipment from Specific Mechanical. The equipment is in production now so I don't have much to report other than we received excellent references about them and they have been a pleasure to work with during the specification/design phase.
  10. If you don't have a doc you'll need a forktruck Not necessarily. We make do with a pallet stacker. Would be nice to have a forklift but we just don't have the room.
  11. The Hoochware login page shows options for USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. I don't know if these international versions are fully operational though as I'm using the USA version.
  12. Great summary, thanks for sharing!
  13. Hoochware is another option to consider. We've been using it since day 1 and couldn't imagine being in this business without it!
  14. With news of the temporary ending of the shutdown, I thought I'd get to work on applying for some Transfer In Bond permits we need for a collaboration project we are working on. When I tried to do this via PONL, I was told that I already had an amendment submitted and that the existing amendment must be processed before I can submit another one. The amendment pending has to do with some LLC members being modified a bit. Is there any way to delete an already submitted amendment or am I going to have to wait until the first submission is processed before I can apply for my TIB's?
  15. The International Fire Code exempts the storage of ‘alcoholic beverages in wooden casks.’ A recent staff interpretation and code commentary7recognizes this exception in the fire code. Whose interpretation?
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