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  1. If you don't have a doc you'll need a forktruck Not necessarily. We make do with a pallet stacker. Would be nice to have a forklift but we just don't have the room.
  2. The Hoochware login page shows options for USA, Canada, Europe and Australia. I don't know if these international versions are fully operational though as I'm using the USA version.
  3. Great summary, thanks for sharing!
  4. Hoochware is another option to consider. We've been using it since day 1 and couldn't imagine being in this business without it!
  5. With news of the temporary ending of the shutdown, I thought I'd get to work on applying for some Transfer In Bond permits we need for a collaboration project we are working on. When I tried to do this via PONL, I was told that I already had an amendment submitted and that the existing amendment must be processed before I can submit another one. The amendment pending has to do with some LLC members being modified a bit. Is there any way to delete an already submitted amendment or am I going to have to wait until the first submission is processed before I can apply for my TIB's?
  6. The International Fire Code exempts the storage of ‘alcoholic beverages in wooden casks.’ A recent staff interpretation and code commentary7recognizes this exception in the fire code. Whose interpretation?
  7. Roger, we have the same scale. Got it from Prime USA scales, Fred Herrmann, primeusascales@gmail.com and it does work great.
  8. Paul, I don't believe that TTB has ever specified a size for the "oak container" required for aging. This proposal seems to be moving towards defining a big barrel (cylindrical and approximately 50 gallons) as the only acceptable "container". Currently a 1 gallon oak box could have been used if you could keep it from leaking. This definitely seems to be targeting small distilleries and alternative oak processes (i.e. the squarrel).
  9. Honestly, I wouldn't mind barrel statements as we already note the use of "small casks" on a couple of our labels. Our tours go into detail on our barrel program and our steady upward progression in barrel size. We are transparent that we've used small barrels and own the fact they allowed us to build a business by having a good product to sell in under 2 years. I'd much rather see TTB enforce existing laws on whiskey age statements. I see so many NAS labels from distillers that claim to distill themselves, are only a year or two old and yet have no age statement on their whiskey.
  10. My brain hurts! 😁 Thanks for the detailed update Aaron!
  11. Paul at affordable distilling carries stainless steel receiving tanks. These work well and are affordable. Here's a link to their 50 gallon tank. https://shop.distillery-equipment.com/collections/moonshine-distilling-equipment/products/50-gallon-receiving-tank-transfer-barrel-ss304 In addition, we purchased a bunch of 30 gallon stainless steel drums from Janszen discount products. Just put these on a movers dolly and they can be moved around very easily. https://www.usedstainlesssteelbarrels.com/product-category/stainless-steel-barrels/new-barrels/
  12. What are the tax consequences of using gns to rinse? Are you reporting that as a loss?
  13. I believe it only took a few weeks for our TIB to be approved. Looks like I submitted application on 7/14/2017 and received approval on 7/25/2017.
  14. Hey Loren, we're looking forward to tasting the whiskey we get out of your barrels! All the best to you as you embark on your distilling adventure!
  15. We do exactly this! Works great. +1 on the suggestion above to use only PVC or pex rated for temp.
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