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  1. Huffy2k

    Boiler Installation Costs

    Our boiler install was definitely the biggest surprise during our buildout. I have a 1mm BTU Rite Boiler and the installation cost (which included a lot of on-site custom welding and piping) was about $40k.
  2. Huffy2k

    Hello from Argentina!

    Hello Mato! Welcome and good luck with your endeavor. I'm not sure of your plans and whether you are planning on distilling professionally or as a hobby. Given your mention of a pressure cooker, I'm wondering if this is more of a hobby for you. In that case, www.homedistiller.org contains a wealth of information for novice distillers and may be worth a look.
  3. Huffy2k

    Best Options for Online Sales

    You could check out Big Fish (bfspirits.com) for retail sales in Illinois as well as Libdib.com for sales to license holders in NY and CA.
  4. Huffy2k

    Fork lift or not fork lift

    It will work for unloading trucks, just make sure you've got a flat, smooth surface and that you keep the pallet weight under the maximum load weight of your pallet stacker. We still request lift gates on most heavy deliveries but it works in a pinch. Just get it to the ground as soon as you clear the truck!
  5. Huffy2k

    Housemade liqueurs

    Good question. We make some mixers from our unaged whiskey but only after that product has been bottled, recorded and removed from bond (i.e. Tax paid). We make an Amaro type product, an allspice dram, etc but only for use in cocktails in our tasting room.
  6. Depending on the objective for your rye whiskey, this may or may not be a good thing..
  7. Huffy2k

    What states let Distllerys self Distribute?

    Pennsylvania also allows self distribution.
  8. Huffy2k

    What am I getting into?

    You're going to hear lots of stories about endless days, government bureaucracy, unexpected costs, trouble getting distribution/sales. Don't let the horror stories scare you away but do take note of all the troubles others have faced. Would I have actually pulled the trigger on this business if I knew all the obstacles I'd have to clear to get it up and running? I don't know actually... That said, I'm glad I was a bit naive and moved forward. Take note of the troubles of others and include contingencies in your plan in the event you run into similar walls.
  9. Huffy2k

    Warning-Atlas Barrel Fraud

    We too had a delayed shipment with Atlas. Remington seems to be a very nice guy and we are very happy with the barrels we eventually got from them. Unfortunately, late shipments on barrels is a serious problem for small distillers who may not have the storage capacity for finished spirits. Production can be impacted if you can't continue to run your still because you don't have any available storage tanks if you couldn't barrel. Sounds like they still have an issue with order backlog and timely delivery. Hopefully they can clear up their production backlog and start delivering orders in a timely manner. They do make a quality barrel.
  10. Huffy2k

    Grain in mash pump

    US FIP, great service, great pump!
  11. Huffy2k

    Hopped whiskey??

    Peat is not a flavoring, it's a method of malt production. Peated whiskeys should be ok even with the most over zealous ttb official.
  12. Huffy2k

    Forum malware?

    Upon visiting this site on my phone this morning, I was immediately redirected to a spam site ("Congratulations...") that I could not back out of. Every time I re-started Chrome on my phone I was directed to this spam site. Eventually, I had to uninstall and reinstall Chrome on my phone to allow me to access the interwebs. Anyone else experience this from a mobile device?
  13. Huffy2k

    Operating Hours

    Different from state to state.
  14. Huffy2k

    Food in tasting room

    Prepackaged meats and cheese with just a very small profit margin for us. Mainly as a service to our customers that would like to have a bite with their cocktails.
  15. Huffy2k

    Wheated Rye

    We also do a wheated rye, but at only 13% wheat, it's not exactly a high wheat rye. We love the slight softness that wheat adds to our bourbon and rye.