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  1. CharlesB

    Prickly ash

    Thanks for the info!
  2. CharlesB

    Prickly ash

    Thanks @bluestar! Would you have a name to suggest? And it was prickly ash: Zanthoxylum americanum? Thanks!
  3. CharlesB

    Prickly ash

    Hi to all, I'm looking for a realiable source of prickly ash berries (pepper). Could anyone advise? Aternatively, would anyone know of any good foragers in new england? Prickly ash is pretty common in the north east Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys! This confirms that we’re on the right track! We really want to work as close a possible to the source of our products. So we’ll probably end up using some local malted barley (if need be). Cheers!!
  5. Hi to all, I was wondering if anyone here ever tried to make an all wheat whiskey. I know they exist and I’ve had a few... but can’t find much info on them. Malted wheat is not the easiest grain to find. So I was wondering if it would do a huge difference in taste to use unmalted. We work with a single farmer and he doesn’t have any malting capacity. Thank you very much! Charles Boileau
  6. Hi To all, Recently bought a used barrel to run some tests. We got an early (mid winter) fruit fly invasion. We left the barrel over night to drain (after rinse) and it got infested. Any tricks to clean them out? Can we use very mild glycerin soap? Or just hot water? And while I'm at it... Do you have any tips for preparing and storing used barrels? Thanks!
  7. Thanks CaptnKB! What I was also wondering os of there was any use for the spirit run backset...
  8. Hi to all, First post. So please bear with me! We're interested in trying sour mashing... I'm pretty sure about the answer but I'd like to confirm. I've looked around but didn't find a clear answer. The stillage used in sour mashing is from the stripping run only? Is there anything that can be done with the spirit run stillage? Or is that just plain waste. EI: what do you guys do with this? In the case of a single malt style whisky. Would we add the backset when adding the malted barley or before. And, should we include grains (from the backset) or just liquid. Thanks for the help! Charles B.
  9. Hi, What would be the best brewing book to read for distillers? Thanks Charles B.
  10. Thanks!!! From what I'm seeing it's almost simpler in Canada (we don't have COLA for example). Thanks!!
  11. Hi to all, We'll be soon putting together the first small scale artisanal distillery in the heart of montreal. It's a very complicated regulation ecosystem here so anyone with experience with Canadian regulations would be a great help. Cheers
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