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  1. Craft is Not a Commodity

    Someone is angry. Maybe you will cheer up when you start using bulk spirits like your competition is already doing? We make our own whiskey, but the vodka, gin, spiced rum, and liqueurs are all 100% GNS or sourced spirit. If you don't think 9/10 distilleries are doing this, you are absolutely wrong. Shure their website says they are completely craft and grain to glass but if you believe that, you also believe Titos is made by hand in a tiny pot still. Since we made the switch we have higher margins, hired more employees, offer them better benefits and also increased our sales. So why hate on others who actually decided to start making money?
  2. Invaluable equipment vs

    Waste of money = Almost anything new. Everyone is so quick to build out their entire distillery with all that loan or investor money they now have. We have probably saved nearly $100,000 by sourcing quality used equipment. That is $100,000 more in my pocket, $100,000 less debt to pay off, $100,000 less risk, and $100,000 worth of ownership I did not have to give away.
  3. Bourbon and rye for sale, 53g barrels

    Quoting this again because who cares where it comes from? Some people want to make money. Other people want to distill everything from scratch. I don't troll those who have a different business plan.
  4. Can Anyone Interpret This Spirit Analysis?

    Mexico is very strict on what they export. If it's called Agave Spirit it is most likely either sugar cane neutral or grain neutral with less than 50% agave spirit mixed in with it. Tequila is 100% agave, and you will have a harder and more expensive time obtaining it.
  5. Just curious if I understand this correctly. Previously I had submitted COLA for all bottle sizes that we make (50, 375, 750 and liter). Does all the information changed between the two meet "allowable changes"? Or do I need a separate cola for each? Just trying to streamline things. Thanks!
  6. What ever happened to iStill?

    The photo shows a $10 hydrometer without a thermometer in it.
  7. I am not a medical doctor so I don't know all the terms. I have a relative so sensitive to gluten that he has to carry two epi pens with him at all times.
  8. What ever happened to iStill?

    Their recent facebook post says they are getting an impossible 194 proof. What is the actual proof your still makes after temperature and hydrometer correction?
  9. So why argue with them? I have a handful of customers each year who ask if we are GF and I sold just under 25,000 bottles this past year. Are you that upset about losing a handful of customers? I could waste my time trying to convert those dozen or so GF people to buying my brand, or I could go out and sell another thousand bottles for the same effort.
  10. Anyone running a Dragon Still?

    Thanks. When I made my post it had been a few months since I went to your website. How much custom stuff do you make vs what is actually on your website?
  11. You do not realize that a little gluten can kill people with celiacs?
  12. I don't bother. For us it's worth losing a couple bottles of sales for guaranteeing the safety of our customers. Does it have gluten? Probably not. Can I be absolutely sure? No. Is it made in a facility that has dust containing gluten everywhere? Yes. Am I willing to risk sending a customer to the hospital because I told them something I wasn't absolutely sure about? No, I'll tell them to buy a competitors product that is made with 100% corn before I allow that to happen.
  13. Full Distillery Equipment Package For Sale

    This post is from 2.5 years ago.
  14. Prepair for the FALLOUT!!!

    I wonder how much longer most distillers are going to keep working long stressful hours while being flat broke. In my area hardly anyone is making any money but they are swimming in debt. How many more years are people going to say "I hope things turn around in 2018" like they said about 2017, 2016, 2015..... I saw a survey of craft distillers. There's way more small ones each year but each small one is selling less. The cost of doing business has not gotten any cheaper so the writing is on the wall. If the small ones were struggling in 2015, they are going to really be struggling soon. The excise tax change doesn't help if you're only moving 50 cases a month.