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  1. Below is a picture of one of our 800 gallon Signature Series Ultra Pro Vodka Stills. The bottom picture is of Nate doing the jeweling on one of the column stands for this still. He does an incredible job. He does it all with a small pneumatic drill and 2" sanding pads. His patterns are always perfect.
  2. We have vacuum stills that will do the job for you with your hot water. Our vacuum stills allow you to distill at 150 F giving you the temperature differential that you need to have a very fast run time with hot water. If you have enough BTUs the stripping runs can be completed in as little as 2 hrs including the stills heat up time. If you are interested email paul@distillery-equipment.com
  3. Yes, we can help you. Email paul@distillery-equipment.com
  4. He does have a heckuva of a well and all his cooling costs him is the electricity for his well pump, which is almost nothing. He's also talking about buying 2 more of our 2,500 gallon stills with 2 mash tuns and 28 more 2,500 gallon fermenters. He will use the same well or another for this equipment. One of his wells supplies the water to the nearest town. It may be the same one that he uses for his distillery, but I'm not sure. Wells are cheap to have dug in rural areas, where there's plenty of water. I paid $11,500.00 to have my last well drilled here, 4 years ago. It would have cost less but I wanted it to put out at least 40 gpm so they had to go deeper. It put out 53 gpm when they tested it and it is 432ft deep. It put out 6 gpm naturally without a pump or back pressure so it could be classified as a spring. There are 2 other wells on my property here. The one for my house put out 22 gpm when tested and it's a little over 200 ft deep. There is an old well that was here when I moved here that is only 20 to 30 ft deep that's been here over 100 years and it still works. It has a hand pump. There's a lot of chicken and turkey operations south of here that have wells that put out between 40 and 80 gpm and then south of there the irrigation wells down in the bottoms put out over 100 gallons per minute for the rice farms there. A good well, with plenty of cold water, is almost always a better option, when considering costs, than a chiller. It can also be a much greener solution than having a chiller, if done correctly. Of course where there is not cold well water, a chiller is the best option for crash cooling mash and sometimes for condenser cooling.
  5. Has anyone on here had an engineer to do the work to make their distillery exempt from having the classified areas around the still etc., as per the NFPA?
  6. We don't stock them but I've heard that they work great.
  7. We import these ceramic Raschig rings by the 55 gallon barrel, in several different sizes. We keep a couple of thousand lbs of it in stock. Our prices are really good, so if anyone needs some let us know and we will quote it. We use it in several different packed column sizes, all of the way up to 12" diameter. paul@distillery-equipment.com
  8. "At the time they we were distilling water." "There were no people in the building at the time of the fire and no one was injured." I feel really bad for their loss of property. I'm glad no one was hurt. A still should never be left completely unattended, even distilling water, no matter how automated it is.
  9. dmacnz, A great, simple, common sense solution for not having to spend huge amounts of money on an ethanol storage space here in the US is to store outside the distillery. Simply store it in a UL listed stainless steel above ground tank. It is looked at the same as an above ground fuel tank. Storing ethanol this way can save tens of thousands and sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Of course some cannot do it this way because they simply do not have the outside space or they are in an area of high crime or possible social unrest, but for those who can store outside, there are huge advantages over the costs etc of building an indoor storage area. You should check and see if this is an option in Macau.
  10. We can help you. Email: paul@distillery-equipment.com
  11. Galapadoc, I'm currently finishing up Fridays emails. I saw your email and will answer it shortly. The problem with a vacuum still at your location is that your cooling water temp is too high. You would need coolant that is 53F or colder. Colder would be better, so you will need a chiller if you run a vacuum still. When you lower the boiling point of ethanol under vacuum you also lower the temperature at which ethanol will condense which means you need colder condenser coolant.
  12. We have a system that gives the best of both worlds: a vacuum still for stripping and a conventional spirit still for the final run. Our vacuum stripping stills are fast and cost only a little more than our conventional stills. Our vacuum stills can be fired by a hot water heater, hot water boiler or wood fired hydronic boiler. If you are in the right area, firing a vacuum still with wood is the most economical way to go. paul@distillery-equipment.com
  13. Galapadoc, They aren't on the web site. For information and or a quote email: paul@distillery-equipment.com. We have several sizes of vacuum stripping stills in stock. We also have short path stills and rotary evaporators that operate under vacuum as well as lab chillers that go down to -40 C, heat sources and vacuum pumps.
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