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  1. DYE China?

    Having used China alot for prototypes and manufacturing, one of the bigs things is they use a lot of pirated software, which affects the outcome of the final result. Whether it’s colour or size, samples are a must in any circumstance to avoid any surprises on landing.
  2. Women in distilling

    Awesome that’s great I’ll have look. Thanks.
  3. G'Day from Australia

    Awsome. Thanks for the advice lll check it out. Happy to take any and all advice. Cheers!
  4. Women in distilling

    Having read a few articles on women in the craft distilling industry, are there any that are willing to elaborate on their experiences? I know there is a handful of female Master Distillers in the US unlike in Australia, and wanted to hear from females in the industry in general. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi all - another Australian like a few of the rest of us here, some legislation in the last 13 months have given distilleries a tiny break into the Ozzie market. What began as a pipe dream is slowly turning into a reality for us and we look forward to learning, chatting and getting to know the people on this site. We are in the market for various products to complete our distillery, so we hope to chat to some of you soon with items we are after - even if it means putting it in a container and shipping to Australia!