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  1. Hi, We are a group of guys who are planning on opening a Nordic Craft Distillery in Texas. We have looked into equipment and we know more or less which suppliers we would like to use as well as annual initial bottle capacity. I have been in the process to build a capacity calculation on what equipment we need but I wanted to reach out to see if anyone on here has already done something similar and if you would be willing to share? It would be nice to have something where you can put in your annual volume targets and calculate it all the way back to the mash. Of course yield will vary greatly but to build the business case it would be good to have something where we can do a rough calculation. We are primarily going to focus on single malt whiskey long term but we are also planning on making Akvavit, rum and vodka, hybrid still. I appreciate anything you can support us with. /J
  2. Hi, We are a group of guys who have been talking about starting our own Nordic craft distillery in Texas. The Burbon scene is quite mature down here and apart from a few vodka distilleries there is not a whole lot more different craft distilleries around. Myself being originally from Sweden I believe there are some great new spirits I would like to bring to the US such as Schnapps, mulled Wine and nordic style single malt whiskeys. We are currently in the very early steps to build a business case and I wanted to join here to read more about what other have done and hopefully be a part of this community. we are planning on running a wide style of products but are looking for a Islay style pot still set up with a hybrid column reroute in order to also do high end vodka based products. starting small for us is key. please feel free to recommend any equipment suppliers you guys recommend as well as TTB lawyers in the North Texas region. looking forward to learn more on here /J
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