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  1. Hi, Anyone have any recommendations on a tube in tube/shell and tube mash cooler that we could use to run grain in mash through during the mash phase to lower temperature? 2 inch internal tube, 3-4 inch external tube is what my initial gut feeling is, probably 10-20 feet length. Used would be great, but new definitely an option as well. Thanks, Josh
  2. I appreciate the responses. Silk City, do you do any routine maintenance on the boiler system to reduce scaling since you aren't treating with chemicals, like a monthly flush and drain type of thing. Do you use a water softener, or is it straight from the source, be it municipal or well? I'm trying to balance the idea between a lower cost mash tun ($10k DSI vs $25k jacketed) or a shorter boiler lifespan. The boiler is the backbone of the operation, so not treating it seems like a risk, but then again, the most expensive part of the boiler was not the boiler itself, but the plumbing, accessories, traps, etc. Thanks for your help on the matter, appreciate it.
  3. That's a good point. We already have black iron pipe installed.
  4. Hi, Hoping for some guidance here. We use a chemical treated steam boiler system for our jacketed stills and jacketed mash tun. I am starting to look for a new, larger mash tun and like the concept of direct steam injection for heating efficiency and to lower the mash tun replacement cost. Does anyone know of a way, or process, to filter/strip the chemically injected steam so that it's safe for mash/food purposes (DSI)? I don't want to use untreated water in the boiler because of boiler useful life reduction, but would rather just treat the steam only for the one appliance that needs it (the DSI mash tun). Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Josh
  5. Hi Jesper, We offer custom distilling services in Sonoma County, California if that would be something that interests you. Email me at josh@youngandyonder.com if you would like to further discuss. Thanks, Josh
  6. Thank you all for the help here, I sincerely appreciate it! The lesson learned here is the complexity of an answer far outweighs the simplicity of the question. I will spend some more time on researching this, and appreciate all of the comments provided. As you all know, the days are long and tireless, and the current heat up times at full capacity are just too slow to be sustainable labor wise over time. VSAKS - great idea - we have a tankless water heater that can pump out 182f water, so the concept of pumping our low wines through a counterflow unit is a simple idea that could reduce time to boil - something for us to think about at least. Silk City, thank you so much for sharing the unit you've set up, pretty slick! Love the dialogue and community we have here on the forums, it truly is a one-of-a-kind resource for the craft distilling community.
  7. Thank you everyone for your contributions - Roger re: nut clamps particularly inventive. Both stills are non-pressurized bain marie stills with oil jackets. Minimal/no risk of jacket pressure issues with the open vents. Nest cameras in production facility always running for remote observation. The heating systems are initiated by a toggle switch (see pictures) that goes to a PID. I find it hard to believe that an automated version of this switch isn't available in the market. I was simply curious if someone had replaced this type of toggle with an automated version. Thank you all! Josh
  8. Hi all, Hoping for some help on automation. I have two oil jacketed stills with control panels. Each of the control panels have a simple left/right toggle switch to power them on. Does anyone know of a device that I can wire after the toggle switch to add remote start functionality via wifi? Basically When we charge our larger still to capacity, runs can take 12 hours+, and we sit for three hours during heat up before we get any action. It would be great to wake up and start the still heat up process while commuting to work to shorten the downtime upon arrival. Seems like a simple unit that would exist in the world, but I can't seem to find anything on the interwebs! Thanks in advance, Josh
  9. Thank you Sudzie! I guess I just needed a little help with finding what to look for, but I can definitely build one of these from what you've shown me. Thanks again!
  10. Hi, I have two stills that currently run their dephlegmators on danfoss valves. I would like to upgrade the units to an automated system where I set the set point temp for the top of the column, and then the automation would open and close a solenoid valve to let chiller water into the dephlegmator as needed for temp control. Does anyone know of an off-the-shelf solution for this need/have one for sale? Thanks, Josh
  11. Hi all, I am looking for a reputable source of fresh dumped madeira barrels. Anyone have a connection or company they'd be willing to share with me? Low volume, 3-4 barrels at a time. The only reputable lead that I found can only import them at the container level. Any leads appreciated! Thanks, Josh
  12. Thanks for sharing this - using a pond as a heat exchanger is novel for sure! Not many people can say that as part of their process. Denatured alcohol seems like a consistent theme here. I also like the ozone treatment idea, but I would have to think about how I'd do that practically speaking. MG - appreciate your point on explosion proof. We bought a rite temp water chiller from you a couple years ago, it's not explosion proof, so the level of alcohol is important to consider from that perspective. Appreciate all the responses!
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