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  1. Consider using a mid-grain rice (Louisiana or California) instead of corn and FP-1 yeast from Ferm Solution. After the second run it's pretty neutral. We have to use a rice malt to retain some flavor characteristics in our whiskey or it will be fairly tasteless / one dimensional. Rice is also 1/2 the price or more of corn.
  2. 4x4s tied with all-thread. I’ll post a pic when I return to the distillery next week.
  3. Pump water from the pond and use tube-in-tube heat exchangers from @Southernhighlander, cheap and portable. You can heat and cool what you need cheaply without the need for a bunch of engineering costs. If your distillery takes off you'll outgrow what you design today - that can get expensive, we're experiencing it everyday.
  4. We run a propane fueled boiler (Aldrich) works great - more BTUs than natural gas. It's also not a greenhouse gas. I would focus on keeping it simple and work to "greening" your facility after you are profitable. Building and outfitting a distillery will cost you 3x as much money than you think it will and take 2x as long without a green goal adding to the cost. Don't think you need a coil to perform the heat exchange - dump the return water back into the pond at the furthest point from the intake.
  5. There is no sensor for the notch and the width of the path is approximately 4.5".
  6. We bought this labeler/heat shrink from Stumpy's two years ago and it turns out it will not work with the tall labels we have decided to use for the majority of our bottles. Paid $7,500. Will sell for $6,500 FOB Chico, CA. Images with the housing covers off.
  7. OK, I'm a pot still guy so this question is for all of you with experience dealing with columns and plates. We're going to start running vodka as an adjunct to our normal rice whiskey production. The plan is to set aside 50 gallons of our second distillation run distillate and run it for a third time in a 4-inch column. My question is as the distillate will be proof down to 60° or so, how many plates should I anticipate needing to produce 192° vodka. We have twelve plates but I thinking we will only need about half of them. Is that correct? Thank you in advance for the feedback.
  8. Get a mash pump and a tube-in-tube heat exchanger. You can cool your mashes on the cheap. @Southernhighlandercan help you out sourcing one.
  9. Winter we pitch at 90°. Summer 70-80° Our honey wash starts at 18 Brix and finishes in 4 days. We use our jacket fermenters to keep the temps at 90°. Our whiskeys are all fermented in open fermenters, no cooling, and we just let them run.
  10. It's the yeast of choice for Wilderness Trail. Also, works well for us working in 100°+ conditions in our distillery 6 months of the year. Some of our mashes get up to 110° and we get no off-flavors using FP-1. We use it for both our whiskeys (rye, bourbon, rice) and honey spirit.
  11. Sulfur would be my guess. Have you done a second distillation run with the strip yet?
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