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  1. It's the yeast of choice for Wilderness Trail. Also, works well for us working in 100°+ conditions in our distillery 6 months of the year. Some of our mashes get up to 110° and we get no off-flavors using FP-1. We use it for both our whiskeys (rye, bourbon, rice) and honey spirit.
  2. Sulfur would be my guess. Have you done a second distillation run with the strip yet?
  3. But if you are in the West or anywhere where water is scarce or on septic system, the closed loop chiller is the way to go. Yes, you have the added expense of purchasing storage tanks and a chiller but you will have nearly zero waste water (spent mash goes to the farmer). We reversed flowed a 5 ton chiller ($10k) and alternate cooling two 1,600 wine tanks that we circulate chilled water with a second pump to our two stills and heat exchanger (Paul's) for crash cooling.
  4. Second that! Rachael Nelson is awesome to work with. Kris
  5. Get a good architect firm to help you design an F-1 rate distillery (2 hour walls/no sprinkles) and tasting room. The money you spend with them will save you down the line with the county/city and fire Marshall.
  6. A window is a must! Our tasting room after construction and just recently for a product shot. We will be putting a Tennessee Thumper in the window in a few week to run flavored moonshines. This will add to guest engagement watching the jars in action.
  7. https://www.glaciertanks.com/search.cgi?keywords=condenser
  8. Where are you? Would help us in responding to your request.
  9. https://www.propacksolutions.com/bottle-matic-16-label-applicator.html Did 2,300 bottles the first month with it and it worked flawless.
  10. Volunteers. Hell, I bet you can come up with a scheme that they pay you to work in the distillery and fill out the labels.
  11. We do a no cook rice spirit. Doesn't require any special yeast but you got to have patience as it take two weeks longer to ferment than cooking. I may submit a proposal.
  12. Looking for a used still - 50 to 100 gallons with a column. Steam preferred but will consider electric.
  13. We've removed the glycol tank and plumbed the chiller to "reverse flow". Water leave the bottom of the storage tank and flows into the chiller (condenser) then out to the system. The return line discharges at the top of the tank. This is a more efficient system one based on the use of glycol and less wear on the chiller.
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