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    Pictures available?
  2. Sold, thank you for inquiring!
  3. Hi all, I have 33 500gram unopened vac sealed packs of Distillamax SR yeast for sale. The expiration date is 11/19 and they have been stored in their original box in my distillery warehouse. I paid $28 per 500g. Would like to sell them as we are not pursuing a rum program at this time. $15 per pack or best offer. I would like to sell in bulk, so ideally somebody out there with a rum program buys the lot. Please let me know if you're interested! Thanks, Josh
  4. Hi all, I am looking for a reputable source of fresh dumped madeira barrels. Anyone have a connection or company they'd be willing to share with me? Low volume, 3-4 barrels at a time. The only reputable lead that I found can only import them at the container level. Any leads appreciated! Thanks, Josh
  5. Hi all, I am using a closed loop water chiller system for my distillery and wanted to see what other folks are doing to treat the water in their closed loop system. Can anyone share what they do to keep the system from becoming a biological science experiment? I was thinking about chlorine, but not sure about the long term effects of chlorine going through copper and stainless equipment. Any advice would be appreciated! Cheers, Josh
  6. Josh

    Closed Chiller Loop Water Treatment

    Thanks for sharing this - using a pond as a heat exchanger is novel for sure! Not many people can say that as part of their process. Denatured alcohol seems like a consistent theme here. I also like the ozone treatment idea, but I would have to think about how I'd do that practically speaking. MG - appreciate your point on explosion proof. We bought a rite temp water chiller from you a couple years ago, it's not explosion proof, so the level of alcohol is important to consider from that perspective. Appreciate all the responses!
  7. Hi all, I have a partial pallet of Kendo Spirit 750ml glass from Saver Glass that I'd like to gauge some market interest on. I have 616 bottles left on the pallet, which retail for $1.69 a unit. I would be willing to part with them for a $1.25 a piece if interested, FOB Sonoma County, CA I've attached the spec sheet for reference. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Josh FICHE_KENDO_SPIRIT_7.pdf
  8. Sent you an email - thanks Adam
  9. Hi all, I have two versions of Tapi corks that I'd like to see if anyone is interested in. One of is a smooth black plastic top (30mm x 10mm head) with a 19.5mm synthetic shank. I have 3,000 available and paid $0.15 each. Asking for $.10 a unit, $300 total. The other is a natural wood top (29mm x 13mm head) with a 19.5mm synthetic shank. I have 1,750 available and paid $0.30 each. Asking for $0.25 a unit, $437.50 total. New and still in the bag, but I did use 1,250 of the word, hence the 1,750 remaining total from a 3,000 unit order. Pictures attached. Buyer pays shipping. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Josh
  10. I still have these available for sale - let me know if interested. Thanks, Josh
  11. Hi all, Our absinthe is building a small amount of protein solids after sitting in the bottle for a few weeks. The solids dissolve back into solution with a little agitation, but was curious if anyone else has had issues along these lines and what they did to remedy the issue. Our basic process is distill, botanical soak, course filter, rest in stainless, and then 1um filter in pre bottling. I thought the 1um PP filter would pull out these prior to bottling, but I was clearly mistaken. We tested chilling the absinthe down in the lab to see if chill filtering would work, but it did not seem to cause proteins to fall out, at least in our bench trial. If anyone would be willing to share their secrets on the matter, I would much appreciate it. Thanks, Josh
  12. Hi Slick and Nab, Thanks for the responses. Yes, after some discussion with a local lab, it is likely colloidal instability, not protein precipitation. We are getting it tested now to identify the exact issue. The final filter is 1um nominal, which could also be part of the issue. We monitor filter pressure pre bottling and it doesn't look like it's clogging/slowing down in any way, but it might be worth investing in some absolutes for this process. I will check out the Pall filters once we hear back from the lab. We also have Scott Labs in town, who work with the lab company (ETS), so maybe they might also have a solution. This product has definitely given us the most headache of all that we make. All part of the fun I guess! Another distillery in town owns a Rosedale Products basket filter, with a 6um basket, so we might add that to the process to see if we can't do a little better job lautering the solids away after our botanical soak. I'll try to respond to the thread once we resolve the issue to share our results. Cheers, Josh
  13. It is a lighter, more neutral yeast designed for sugar based fermentations. The RM is their designate rum yeast, but they refer to making light style rums with the SR. I've attached the tech sheet for reference. DistilaMax-SR_MKE_2015-LOW-RES.pdf
  14. Hi Dave, we converted our 10 tanks of these into storage tanks by silicone gluing in an epdm gasket into the lid and by using a lever rim lock when sealing the tank up, both bought from bubbas barrels. We also had a local fabricator add a 1.5 TC fitting to the lid of each tank and added a tri-clover pressure release vent that we bought from glacier tanks. The fire department was satisfied with the modifications, although they are still not technically UL listed. It was a little bit of work, but better for us than selling all of these tanks and having to replace them.
  15. Josh

    spirit holding tanks - codes?

    Hi Nabtastic, For what it's worth, we recently moved locations (new fire and building approvals), and we had to modify 13 stainless steel single wall tanks with pressure release vents and sealed lid gaskets and lever rings, even while stored in our H3 (fire rated room), to comply with the spirit of NFPA. Plastic IBC totes are not usable for us at all upon landing at our facility, and we have full automatic fire suppression throughout the building. The 240 MAQ is in force for us anywhere outside the H3 storage room, which means 240 gallons of alcohol on the floor for us at any time, and its assumed that all tanks and distilling equipment are UL rated. Tank sizes did not matter in our situation. We had a issue with open vs. closed system in terms of distillation, but were able to keep the 240 MAQ with the open system, but they did initially want us to install a closed system (distillation directly to tank) vs. the open parrot into tank with open alcohol in the building, and threatened to drop our MAQ to 120 during that negotiation. Oh, and we had to install an explosion proof fan in the H3 storage room with a direct vent to outside of the building (through the roof), and had to install and use near ceiling exhaust fans in the building when distilling/pumping/bottling, etc. And the ethanol detection system... Good luck with the upgrades, sounds exciting!
  16. Josh

    Closed Chiller Loop Water Treatment

    Thanks Paul, the system works just fine, no complaints about the equipment.
  17. Josh

    Closed Chiller Loop Water Treatment

    Thank you Paul and Stumpy's for the responses. I like the idea of adding heads to the loop, makes sense for our existing design. We have a little PEX and some canoflex lines throughout the system, but I think that low proof alcoholic solution would work, and PEX is cheap if we need to replace it because of deterioration. We never know what to do with the heads away, so this gives them purpose and a home! Paul, we do crash mash temps in one of your 150 gallon mash tuns, with cooling fluid in the jacket and the inner coil (twice a day on mash days) and when we run the 150 gallon on stripping runs, we need a lot of volume to keep the condenser water temperature ~60 degrees. Thank you both again for your responses! Cheers!
  18. Josh

    Muscat Distillate

    where are you located/where's the muscat from?
  19. Josh

    Grain-in pump

    We use a flexible impeller pump and haven't had any issues with moving thick, highly viscous mashes. We don't agitate our fermenters and get a similar grain buildup on the bottom as well. US-FIP is the manufacturer we bought from - they make a pump for this specific application.
  20. Hi Paul, Do you have a list of everything that's on sale? I'd love to take a look at it. Josh@youngandyonder.com - thanks!
  21. Josh

    WTB - 30" Cartridge filter housings

    I have one for sale - PM sent.
  22. Josh

    Dephlegmator Control

    Hi all, I would like to build a basic dephlemator control system, and am wondering if a simple temp controller + solenoid combo could work, or if any of you have experience with this approach? I'm thinking: https://www.freshwatersystems.com/p-1991-2-way-solenoid-valve-normally-closed-34-fpt-120v.aspx + https://www.morebeer.com/products/ranco-digital-temperature-controller-wired.html?gclid=Cj0KEQjwqtjGBRD8yfi9h42H9YUBEiQAmki5Op_YDKsr_vB0BeIwB0GQnaMpm7u0vzRfWbON5h4PqEMaAmSJ8P8HAQ I use the Ranco to control mash temps and it seems that it'd be the same principle concept. Alternatively, do you know of any complete over-the-counter packages that solve the dephlemator control problem? Thanks, Josh
  23. Josh

    Used Mash Pump

    Hi all, Looking for a used mash pump that can be used to handle the transferring of thick bourbon mashes between my tun, cooling vessel, and fermenter. Please let me know if you're looking to part with one, or have a good lead on where I can buy a used one. Thanks, Josh
  24. Josh

    Used Mash Pump

    Although it was more than I originally planned to spend, I went with the US-FIP 20035LV. I've read great stuff about the pump here on ADI forums, and they seem like good folks who stand behind their products over there at US-FIP. We'll see how it turns out, but I'm fairly confident that it will serve our various mash/product pumping needs. Time will tell - cheers!
  25. Josh

    Used Mash Pump

    Bought new - thanks anyway!