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  1. DGDM1967

    Genio vs. iStill

    I have a genio, works amazing.
  2. Excellent response. It looks like a very good and affordable unit. I trust you will do well with it. Cheers and best of luck.
  3. That looks like an awesome deal.
  4. DGDM1967

    Wenesco HP22S42 Hot Plate

    DonMateo, Yes it did work, however, the barrel we were using was not flat enough, so we ended up with hot spots when cooking corn. If you can get proper contact, it should work very well.
  5. For sale a Wenesco HP22S42 Hot Plate. Unit was only used 3 time. We are selling it because of equipment changes. Asking $2,000.00 FOB Hillsburgh, Ontario Canada.
  6. DGDM1967

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Mash tun arrived today, all looks good.
  7. DGDM1967

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    Update, my mash tun shipped within 1 week of estimated time.
  8. DGDM1967

    Anyone have experience w/ Affordable Distillery Equipment LLC??

    I purchased a small mash tun from them. I haven't received it yet as it is due to be completed next week. I can say that they do answer their phone, that's always a good thing. Don
  9. DGDM1967

    Question on gas

    In Ontario, urban centres have piped in natural gas, in rural areas where natural gas is not available, most people use trucked in propane. Don
  10. DGDM1967

    Greetings From Ontario Canada

    Awesome Natrat, see you then.
  11. DGDM1967

    Used 330 Gallon IBC's for fermenting?

    Thanks Sorghrumrunner, much appreciated.
  12. DGDM1967

    Used 330 Gallon IBC's for fermenting?

    I just purchased two of these plastic 275 gallon totes that I plan to use at least 1 of for fermenting. If I could ask, beyond temperature control, are there any modifications required, ie: venting? As well, what would be the minimum wash volume that I could ferment in this unit? Sorry for the possibly stupid questions, I am very new.
  13. DGDM1967

    Greetings From Ontario Canada

    Admin, please delete double posting
  14. Hello all, I have been lurking the forums for months now and have been mining the forums and ADI site for information to help in starting my distillery. So I figure it's time to say hello...Hi, my name is Don DiMonte from Maple, Ontario, Canada. We have named our distillery Last Straw Distillery, we have just last week submitted our Federal excise application and next week, we will be submitting our provincial manufacturing application. We hope to be distilling by August or September of 2014, barring any hiccups in the application process. We will be located on a 98 acre family owned farm in Hillsburgh, Ontario in a 5000 square foot shop. We have purchased an iStill 250, with an icatalyst and a 220v converter from Odin to start with. We have also bought 2 275 gallon polyethylene totes, for storage and fermentation and a 55 gallon mash tun from distillery-equipment.com. I am in the process of ordering a wenesco hot plate for barrels. We plan to make single malt whisky and possibly rum to start with. Once we upgrade to be able to mash with grain in, I would like to create a bourbon style whisky. We are trying to start this distillery without external financing, though it looks like to do so, will keep us quite small for some time to come. Thanks for all of the information from far too many people to name. Cheers Don
  15. Sorry, double posted Cheers Don