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  1. For new bottles we have an ionized air cleaner, it removes the need for water and hence drying. It can be adjusted for different air flow times and works for all of the bottles we have encountered. Check it out here http://designccr.com/systems/ionized-bottle-cleaner/ Feel free to contact us with any questions.
  2. Hey guys, you can see our full range at www.designccr.com. We have a waterless bottle cleaner as well as the various corkers and conveyor systems. We have an overwhelmingly positive response from people with sore hands! Let us know if you have any questions or curiosities.
  3. This may be an old post but we are still in production! Several years later and we have yet to have a return or a single machine. Our line has been expanded to include a series of corkers for different needs as well as a new adapter kit to fit the corker to an automated conveyor line. Here are some fresh links to the videos: Let us know if we can help with anything CCR Engineering www.Designccr.com 519 Main rd. Johns Island, SC 29455 843-559-9533
  4. Glad that we were able to help Richard and I hope the hand feels a whole lot better! Just to let everyone know we have now designed an adapter to fit our standalone corkers to conveyor systems. This opens up plenty of new options, we can work with everyone from a small distiller doing a couple of hundred bottles a day right up to full conveyor based production. CCR Engineering www.Designccr.com 519 Main rd. Johns Island, SC 29455 843-559-9533
  5. We produce a range of corking machines that are fully adjustable to work with most t-corks, we haven't found a manufacturer that we haven't been able to work with. It provides a more solid insertion than the by hand method and more importantly saves the blisters on the hands. All this means that you have more options in terms of cork sizes and types so helps with many different corking issues. We will be at the ADI San Diego conference next week and are always contactable by phone or email. CCR Engineering www.Designccr.com 519 Main rd. Johns Island, SC 29455 843-559-9533
  6. Hey Everyone We are joining up with Tapi corks again this year and will be bringing our new conveyor system to the San Diego ADI conference next week. We have had a lot of interest in fitting our corkers to existing bottle conveyor systems so we have worked hard this year to make this an option. We now have stand alone corkers to fit just about any needs, we can fit a corker to your conveyor or we can put together a complete, brand new conveyor and corker system.
  7. Thanks a lot Joe, we are glad to hear it! We are going to offer a discount for the Holiday Season, 5% off any of our equipment from now through January and 10% off our manual corker, Model C. Just mention the ADI forums when you contact us. If anyone is interested, please take a look at our website. Here is a link to our product page. http://www.designccr.com/all-products/ Check out our Bottle Cleaning Machine. It saves time and money by breaking the static bond between new bottles and particulate (dust, packaging, ect.) with a blast of ionized, compressed air. You no longer will need to wash your new bottles. Take your bottles out of the box, quickly place them on our machine for cleaning, and they are ready to be filled. Check this video of the bottle cleaner in action
  8. When we helped do the layout for a spirit production facility here in Charleston SC, the fire marshal recommended that no electrical device or connections be within 18" of the highest level of alcohol. This allows for the vapor to settle on the floor without risk of ignition from an electrical circuit. They also installed a huge exhaust system that would evacuate the air from the building if there were a major spill.
  9. The "model A" may seem expensive at $3350 but it is constructed out of premium materials, such as stainless steel and anodized aluminium, and does not require any tools to adjust from one bottle and cork combination to another. I would also like to remind anyone reading this post that we have four different models starting at $875.
  10. Thanks to our customers for the support, we are glad to hear that you like it.
  11. We have changed the design of the adjustments that were loosening in the past versions, no locktite required
  12. We have several different models of corkers now. We are hoping to accommodate the varied levels of production in the craft distilling industry. Here is our product page. http://www.designccr.com/all-products/
  13. Check out these T corking machines. http://www.designccr.com/all-products/ So much better than pushing them in by hand!
  14. We have designed and built a Bottle Cleaner. It uses ionized compressed air to break static bond and dislodge any particulate. Works Great. Check it out at http://www.designccr.com/ionized-bottle-cleaner/
  15. Hello Distillers, I would like to let everyone know that our company has designed and built some "T" corking machines aimed at serving the needs of the small craft distillery. We have sold over 45 units and our customers have been very happy with them. These machines are hand built in South Carolina, USA. Check out our "T" corkers at DesignCCR.com
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