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Rye fermentation and anti-foam vs oil

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Our Rye Fermentations like to foam over the top of our fermentation tanks the first night. Our solution has been to lower the initial water volume and keep the fermentation cooler at the start then raise the temperature and let it finish up. I have seen mention of using products from 5 star and Magrabar. However, I have also seen people mention using oil such as olive, wheat or Corn Oil to keep the foam at bay.

So my questions are:

1. how much oil should be used?

2. flavor impacts of oil vs commercial anti-foam?

3. clean up of oil vs commercial anti-foam? 

4. other considerations... cost $$?

Not sure if it matter but we use a continuous column still.   

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I've used patcote 376 in my homebrewing efforts which helps but doesn't eliminate foaming with high protein mash bills. 

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