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  1. Sorry already sold this lot
  2. Just made the switch to ricks, looking to move some barrel racks. We have an assorted lot of barrel racks (50 total) we are looking to move out of here. If you take the whole lot $25.00 a rack FOB. Located in south central WI.
  3. Like he said its likely not really possible unless you completely change the dynamics of continuous distillation. Im not saying there isn't one like it it in the world, but I have never seen a continuous column that didnt feed onto the plates, so feeding onto the plates and then having it hit packing is just gonna clog the packing up either way.
  4. DE is commonly used in brewing and distilling for sure but the DE we had up at AD when my granddaddy was working there was pink its the same stuff I use to polish my brandy now, this was literally milk powder. I know it sounds crazy but this was back in the sixties
  5. We work heavily with Reserve Bar it has really helped cover consumers in areas with limited distribution and limits our liability from shipping since we're not allowed to in this state.
  6. I apologize for misspeaking I was following the context of the thread. You are correct cryoconcentration is certainly not the exact same as fortifying a beer. However, it is done, in Eisbocks, which I was literally referencing with my bockfest reference.
  7. Fortified beer may not be a category per se but a quick google search, or a quick stop at Bock fest in Madison WI, reveals TONS of craft brewers in the states making fortified Bock beers. Cheers
  8. Sorry boss I got my lines crossed!
  9. Yessir If I remember correctly it was 2 tankers that were brought in I'm pretty sure they pitched dry milk powder in the bitches and recirculated the tanker through a filter when it happened I'm pretty sure I remember swapping the filter cartridges they just worked down in microns to where they restored color started really high blew my fucking gourd seeing it I was a young buck and my grand daddy was still killing it miss him more every day
  10. you will get lots of turqoise flakes and even some sky blue distillate the more and more you run fruit ferments, and also (which was really suprising to me) on a lot of redistillations. As youve commented, the blue tends to pull out in the water, so at beginning of run when people push water out of still that was sitting in there and then later in the run when proof is dropping. Really just means the copper in your still is doing its job, and we just need to keep cleaning up after it. Did you try stumpys rec?
  11. Completely forgot to rely to your actual question: yes there are super high temp tolerant yeasts available. Specifically ones for rummproduction. Hit up ferm solutions they will help you out.
  12. You can also run cooling coils in your fermenter if for some reason you didn’t wanna recirc a ferment through a pump. Paul can also hook you up with that.
  13. That's wild! I've worked on a couple projects of people who wanted to colocate a distillery and brewery and share spaces/critical infrastructure and we had a lot of trouble with it. This way you've mentioned seems a lot more manageable but it wasn't exactly what they were looking to do. As for the area I was referring to which I believe was approved (or they just ran out there) had a stripping column out side in a parking lot and was fenced and secured As always, thanks for the input! Cheers
  14. The "packed with rock hard bright white substance" is throwing me for a loop here..... Rock hard like mineral? Not just solidified gelatinized wheat like the bottom of tank? Coarse ground wheat flour? Fine ground wheat flour? How's your water chemistry? Enzymes enzymes enzymes brother.
  15. really cool, thanks for sharing! Definitely has a really nice body and mouthfeel coming off above 191 for sure.... Are you pitching low and just letting it finish without trying to control temp? Are you running cooling to it but because of location it is a losing battle? I bet it throws off some nice fruity esters up high. Are you able to run higher gravity mashes to completion using FP? We really like using some of the others I mentioned from Dr Pat and pitching low and kind of just letting them run. we will start to cool once we get to high eighties and nineties just so we don't stall
  16. -917 -927 -048 -900 M1 USW6 XP GW and a few others
  17. For whiskey? Thats a low congener high proof isn't it
  18. Since we're talking water I would just like to take this opportunity to encourage all of you to take yearly water tests for content, but to also seek out consultants who specialize in biofilm and biofilm activity to also run samples for y'all. Biofilm is not currently regulated in municipal systems and can really be a drag on fermentation efficiencies. Biofilms are microbial based and they are active. Biofilm will consume nutrients, and when it is starved of nutrients will act erratically and can emit real nasty volatiles. We have done tons of tests on ground water vs treated water vs city har
  19. Piggy backing on DH Dunbars post and correct me if I'm wrong mr DH Dunbar! You can extend your DSP out to cover your parking lots and loading bays, in case it's easier to set up outside
  20. If you're ever in need of it I got totes, trucks, and rail cars of non-GMO corn gns all day cheers
  21. I appreciate the respect! And the lengthy answer! Where I’m from that term isn’t used pejoratively it’s just what a lot of us are Out of curiosity what type of odor were you originally trying to tie up? Im running a lot of this one high sulfur high lipid botanical macerate under vac and I’m looking for a little more aromatic clarity I’m wondering if this could be the answer Cheers slick
  22. Ive said it before ill say it again Do exactly what Stumpy says! Cheers
  23. Sorry my redneck ass tryna keep up with your lab dwelling ass (that was meant as a compliment). Is that a copper liquid solution or is it a special type of solid that you steep in the kettle? Cheers
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