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  1. This is the answer. If you think you want any more expansions or just increased steam load in the future this is a place to save some time and money!
  2. I very rarely disagree with silk and I am not in this instance per se that would run it, but I would maybe even bump that up to a 50. To run all that, plus maintain constant header pressure, plus a little extra to put in a strahman hose and a steam wand (you can thank me later you got my number :) ) Edit: Forgot your original question, we run Miuras. We love them. Low Noxx lifeeeeeeeeee
  3. I think it depends on how good you are at storing ground grain and how good your milling partners are at milling and bagging grain. All ingredients are always best fresh but if you have a highly tuned production schedule with few hiccoughs and missed cooks, and you are using JIT or a structure close to or similar to JIT (like a few weeks worth of grain being delivered at a time, not months worth), and your facility and employees have been optimized for the storage of grain, I don't see a problem with it, we bring in 2 weeks worth of cooks in ground super sacks at a time and we don't have any problems. I have dedicated grain storage areas with humidity control, special sanitation protocols, and an exhaustive raw material intake process. You need to look out for respiration, mold, bugs, etc. For we have seen no or negligible difference in flavor, GC, or yields with our process (2 weeks grain brought in at a time).
  4. I use Spanish oak extensively but not cedar. Would love to try it myself.
  5. This is what I’m saying. Get yourself a stainless pot and some copper and wider up your own. Or buy one of them from paul hey Paul ima need one of them for out the woods at my father in laws! I’ll call ya tomorrow!
  6. This x 2 for sure, easy to pop on, but as I mentioned you'd be better off starting from scratch than from what I saw online when I googled double pot I apologize but what I was recomended got kind of convoluted because I'm a hilljack. What I was saying was given you are able to set up PIDS, you could build a better still than this to use yourself. I wasn't referring to additional automation. By design these double kettles (what im looking at specifically is the second picture from that its a Sutech but its a common Chinese design for moonshine stills there sold as a bunch of different names. this is the one im referring to. https://www.amazon.com/Suteck-Moonshine-Spirits-Distiller-Stainless/dp/B01A4EVWYY/ref=asc_df_B01A4EVWYY/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=167141564589&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9211746420770273950&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9018886&hvtargid=pla-314031787122&psc=1 If i'm wrong disregard the following: First thing I don't like are them three clamps on there holding the lid on. The welds are shitty and I've seen them fail in operation before. I like that style of clamp in this exact application in other executions, but in the units of these I have run myself the welds are shitty weak and I've seen em pop. I also don't like the condenser and "second pot", which depending on how it is piped inside of there is likely functionally a thumper, sitting onto of the kettle. Kettle taking direct fire, any dribbles uh oh. and those stainless flex lines? They can leak for sure depending on manufacturer. As well as the copper ones for that matter. Never trust a fitting you didn't fit yourself. For those reasons I prefer them offset from the kettle. But also, beyond those reasons, I don't like the condenser being on top because it will absorb heat which is just more energy too balance in general, and I like the thumper to be self insulated, and heated by the vapor steam, not latent heat of the kettle. Gives more control on a finishing run. Also, get a cheap little pressure valve on that mother fucker or you could go kabloomey. This can helped with that clamp issue I mentioned. But beyond that, Ive never seen a whip I couldn't crack as long as it had energy to it, and I would include this rig on that. It is tricker to learn cuts on a still like this imo. Like I said, build a new one that better fits your purpose. Can still be rudimentary and cost effective.
  7. Sorry you're dealing with this shit, we have a great architect that has learned a lot with us through our growth. If you're looking for someone let me know I can share contact info. I think they were down at ADI this year actually, Sketchworks out of Middleton WI
  8. I fucking love you and the history you've mastered and shared friend
  9. given you are at the level of setting up PIDS, you could probably upgrade the still design yourself for very little money. As in build your own. Paul could sell you a better unit than this as well. I struggle with trying to be precise with this design because it lacks a lot of control by its functional nature. For instance, you can totally learn to crack any whip, but doesnt mean you can make any spirit on any whip. Some whips crack different and that's just that. This is a precursory response to your point I got sidetracked after looking it up, I will review rest of protocol and respond on issues I see if you think it would be helpful later
  10. Man what I would give for some legit quaaludes this side of the millennium lol!
  11. You're welcome for the more informative reply. I acknowledge the receipt of your feedback. I will continue to critique other's processes when shared on this forum per my experience, and further elaborate if/when people express a desire to know more as I have done on this forum for years. Just for the record, you did not ask for feedback, you recommended a chemically flawed process to others. Just because I quoted you doesn't mean I was talking directly to you, I was commenting to OP (and anyone capitalizing on the search function) within the context of this conversation not to do what you said. Thankfully, you and I do not have to coexist together in the same production facility, because we would not have fun. However, I will continue to provide feedback for you in any area should you request it, as well as correct the feedback you (or others) give to others if I disagree with it. I also welcome being publicly corrected in this forum for mine and others benefits, because I am here to participate in the elevation of the industry as a whole. Not just my own individual distilling experience.
  12. Well we know they love weed heroin and molly! At least here county! So Im not too worried!
  13. Young consumers were never the answer for us anyways. Craft is successful from people who are looking to appreciate the difference and nuance of subtle difference and a good story. These are people who have high discretionary incomes and are looking for experiential stimulation. Based on intense market research our bread and butter is that 26-50 crowd. If you're catching them at LDA-28 thats great but they were never, have never, and will never be paying craft distilleries bills unless they're accompanied by an elder usually paying relative or friend, or they are an anomaly of that population. Be worried when suburban woman swear off wine and blue collar swears off beer, but until that happens, were safe AS LONG AS YOU'RE MAKING EXCEPTIONAL PRODUCT.
  14. Markets have always and will always be exceptionally volatile. Stalwarts who refuse to respond to market fluctuations historically have been losers. Good luck.
  15. We've small experiments with different levels of malt to be very effective at changing character or distillates even at low percentages. Have to use used cooperage though, otherwise you lose the nuance to tannic influence and transesterification. For instance, our 6 year 100% malt 99 brewers 1 negra pils is wild. Lots of banana, straw, chocolate, cacao, coffee, leather, and cola. However our 100 barley malt is all banana peach and cherry pit and malty notes more akin to Ovaltine (white sugar candy sweet and malt). 1% difference in malt everything else is the same parameters. Our 8 year 49% brewers malt however is all Ovaltine malt cacao nibs dark caramel and raisins. Same type of malt, even have examples from same lots of malts mashed in the same month of all 3. Truly fascinating. Thanks all for sharing. what a cool community we have here.
  16. What if you place the containers outside? Exterior walls don't need burn ratings. As well, theoretically, doesn't the wall of the container already meet a burn rating standard? It's all metal.
  17. Dang. You don't care. Hope that's not a culturally pervasive premise in your company. Point taken! Cheers!
  18. This is kinda silly because at some points in time y'all are saying the same shit. "If my water is too cold it causes problems "If your water is too cold it causes problems" Oh wait, this isn't silly because you're saying the same fucking thing. This is silly because we're all fucking adults! Crayyyyyy
  19. Have 3 x 2000 gallon poly tanks, have been used to store non GMO GNS. Well loved but sound. looking for 1200 a piece OBO, would like to sell all 3. Offers accepted. Pick up south central WI. DM me for pictures. 64" Diameter x 152" Height.
  20. flavor pure water tastes irregular try actual D I water
  21. He mentioned putting the Sensor in the area, which is downstairs, where the gas would linger, below actual production floor in stair well.
  22. build bigger than you think you want to, you'll thank me later. invest in your education at moonshine for sure is a great rec. Avoid the adi master classes. Hire someone who knows what they're doing, they don't have to be expensive. Be prepared for a few years of red.
  23. I believe I recommended to you earlier that you need a consultant for this project (I was not trying to get myself another job) You obviously need a consultant for this project Hopefully this post is your asking for references for a consultant for this project
  24. a few old threads.... first one shows a dump tank you can totally make yourself, the second one check out foreshots extractor and the third one has some recommended barreling tools for you. Cheers
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