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  1. Dehner Distillery, Interesting. Any idea how many gallons of vodka you pass through how many pounds of carbon before you change out the carbon? Also - unrelated to this thread but something I've observed, and just started researching is the exothermic reaction that occurs when 190 proof is passed through [dry] activated carbon. Something about Gibbs Energy of Adsorption and the enthalpy of the ethanol. Has anyone gone down the rabbit hole on this to learn what is actually happening to the ethanol after that much energy is changing hands with the carbon?
  2. Hi folks, We were gifted a bunch of nectarines which we crushed and then infused with vodka. We've been letting the infusion sit for a couple of weeks, but the super-fine pulp has only dropped to about the midpoint of the 6-gallon carboys and doesn't seem to be dropping any further. Someone said "Pectic Enzyme" would clear this out and settle it all to the bottom. Does anyone else have experience with getting fruit infusions to clear? JP
  3. We use 'zero-water' for just about everything, so we don't get any mineral build up. We ferment in the tun and only use enough nutrient to keep the yeast happy and haven't had a problem with any left overs mucking things up. It's fairly small so-to-speak (100 gallons) and all the ports are tri-clamp, so I pull them all out to clean it each time to avoid any crud hiding in the ports. Generally tho, the Ryobi power washer has been the right tool for the job - we bought some PBW after it was recommended earlier in this thread, but haven't even had to use it yet.
  4. Pressure washer for the MFW!! That made quick work of that! Thanks for the suggestion - if you're ever in Salt Lake City, drop by, I'll buy you a shot!
  5. That's an excellent idea! I even have one of those already!
  6. We have a 100 gallon jacketed mash tun, with a cooling coil looping around the inside. We do potato vodka, and a corn/rye/wheat bourbon. After each run, we spray it out with hot water, then spray it aggressively with StarSan solution. Can't ever really get all the crud out of the nooks and crannies - every once in a while we have to take the whole dang thing apart, motor off, coil out, etc. climb in and scrub the bejeezus out of it by hand. There's got to be a better way? Is there?
  7. Is this "the rum thread" or is it happening somewhere else? Hammer Spring is 2+ years in with potato vodka, and a tremendously successful gin and just a few months away from cracking our first bourbon barrel we started a while back. Last summer I did a one-off batch of rum, and the silver version wasn't very good (in my opinion), but after a while in a 15-gal re-purposed whiskey barrel it turned out alright. We sold all 75 bottles in a few weeks. Now I've done another rum that I'm going to experiment with a re-charred barrel (of my own doing, boy that was fun!!), just for kicks. But I'm going to have about 10 gallons of silver rum left after I fill the barrel and I'd like to try a dark, like a black-strap rum, and maybe a spiced versions. What the heck goes into a dark rum? Do you just add molasses, or other stuff? I've heard nightmarish stories about "dunder" and other atrocities that supposedly go into it that seem more fit for a Jules Verne story... any advice, or links? Cheers! JP
  8. Adam, this post has been a lifesaver!! We have the Mori-Tem, whatever, knockoff - and I didn't know you could adjust the depth of the filler tip by rotating the purple thing! This little tip now makes our life infinitely easier!!
  9. I'm curious if there's any type of chart out there for water displacement on various grains. I understand it will/may vary somewhat on the grind, but generally speaking. If I put X pounds of milled grains in my mash tun, and fill it the rest of the way up with water... how much water actually went in there, by percentage? Sugar is a known variable, but does anyone have numbers for this on corn or other grains? My very rough guess is that for 250 lbs of milled corn, I'll add about 75 gallons of water to a 100 gallon mash tun to fill it up. Anyone else ever calculate this before?
  10. We're just starting with corn (2 years in with potatoes, and making great vodka from them!). We buy flaked (pre gelatinized) corn, and mill it to a flour just a fair bit finer than corn meal, but not all the way to bread flour. We have a jacketed mash tun, and use Alpha, Beta, and Bioglucanase enzymes (no malted grains). We're getting pretty consistent Specific Gravity of 1.08 (10.4% potential alcohol). We also have a jacketed still, and distill on the grain. Take everyone's advice about not trying to lauter corn - you'll die trying, and it won't benefit you much (unless you have a $20k centrifuge separator).
  11. I think I'm too far into the ferment on this round - but I'll try it on the next go Thanks for the feedback!
  12. I've never heard of putting bg in after fermentation starts... is that what you meant? Or did you mean leave it at room temperature for 3 days before fermenting <yikes!>
  13. Yea, not much else I can do at this point with it. I pitched some yeast, we'll see how she does - thanks for the follow up!
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