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  1. I'm developing sweet liqueurs like a peach schnapps, and Triple Sec, I want the liqueur to be clear (like water), I tried using invert sugar but that is giving me a light straw color. I'm looking for a sweetener that has no color and is totally water white clear. All input appreciated.
  2. abe

    GNS Suppliers

    I would start with 1 tote (270 gallons). I am located in Clifton NJ 07013.
  3. abe

    GNS Suppliers

    Yes, I sure do.
  4. Hi, I am looking to buy totes of 190-192 proof GNS that was distilled from wheat, does any one here sell this or know of manufacturers that sell this? I would greatly appreciate any assistance. Thank you, Abe.
  5. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a Plenary Wholesale License for my company located in Clifton NJ, I am looking for an experienced alcoholic Beverage attorney that can assist me with the NJ ABC, does anyone have any recommendation for an experienced attorney or consultant for a decent price? Thank you, Abe.
  6. Hi All, I am interested in developing a cocktail, I heard of a beverage development company named Flavorman, https://flavorman.com/ I was wondering if someone here is willing to shear there experience they had with them. I would also greatly appreciate if someone has had any good experience with other beverage development companies?
  7. Hi, I am interested in buying High proof Alcohol that was distilled from plum fermentation, does anyone have this for sale or any info where I can get this product from? Thanks, Abe.
  8. Hi All, I am also interested in making a Surface Disinfectant from GNS, I reached out to the EPA and they claim that it is a complicated process and they suggest we find a consultant to help us go threw this process, Has anyone gone threw this process? I would greatly appreciate if anyone has more info to shear regarding this matter, or if anyone can recommend us a consultant.
  9. Can you please send me your contact info?
  10. I am located in Clifton New Jersey 07013.
  11. I haven't yet finished reading thru the entire thread, this is a great forum and I hope to get smarter when I finish reading it completely! I agree what Naked Spirit said would be the best option but I am basically a new distillery and don't have any contact info of other distillerys, do you by any chance have any contact info of other distilleries that might have left over inventory?
  12. Hi If any distillery is left over with inventory of Denatonium Benzoate, Tert-Butyl Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Glycerine please let me know I would be interested in purchasing them.
  13. Can you please provide me with any recent document with proof to this, Because I recently spoke to the ttb and they told me that if I am manufacturing hand sanitizer then it must be denatured regardless if we pay Tax or not as the FDA requires.
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