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  1. Thank you Brewstilla, that link just gave me a very enjoyable and informative half an hour.
  2. Thank you Mountain Brewer your post is very helpful. Just what I needed.
  3. I am definitely planning to acquire a small set as you quite rightly suggest. I have seen some literature that says high and low wines are 2 cuts into the tails and some suggesting high wines are heads and low wines are tails. Are you able to answer that one for me?
  4. A little off topic, but how does the cost per unit of alcohol compare with molasses in the U.S.?
  5. I am waiting for Her Majesty's revenue and customs to give me their opinion as to whether rum can be made from panela. As I interpret the law it can, but it always pays to get the official verdict.
  6. I am currently exploring the use of one of these stills. I am finding it very hard to get information on how commercial distilleries operate them. I am hoping that someone on here can advise me? The main problem is what are they using in each retort and what would happen to the remaining liquid in the retorts after a run. I would be prepared to run virtually all the alcohol out of the system. I hope that I make sense?
  7. I briefly explored finding a supply of high test (A molasses) here in the UK but I didn't have any luck.
  8. Thanks Silk City, it sounds like using pamela is fairly new in the rum world? Even molasses over here is getting fairly expensive.
  9. I am exploring styles of rum for a new venture. Some advice regarding pamela will be much appreciated.
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