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Genio vs. iStill


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I've been considering getting an iStill unit as our main production still.  Does anyone have expereince with the NextGen iStills? 

Also any experience with Genio equipment?  Which is better? I heard the used to work together before splitting the companies.

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@Still_Holler If no one replies over here just have a look at the iStill blog, you see postings about almost every distillery that has them. Just give the distillery a call or find them on Facebook. I don't have much experience with the iStill myself yet but can bring you into contact with someone who does if you can't find anyone.

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I have a Genio 250.

Pro: Makes a great vodka. Inexpensive.

Con: doesn't seem like the company is interested in updating the firmware, there's a lot to be desired with it.  Run times are longer than they state on the website. In it's factory form it will use ridiculous amounts of water each day. Automated heads cut is basically garbage from my experience, I do it manually. 


Would I buy one again? If I was on the same budget as before, yes. Today? Probably not.

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