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My experiance with Corson Distilling


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Well we ordered our 300 gallon distilling system fromCorson Distilling back in April 2017.  we tried to follow-up on delays - they just kept sending emails that it looks good and should be ready next month.  from November 2017  till Aug. 2018.  Was then sent a picture of a pot still which did not look like ours and final payment demand - tried to call and sent numerous emails but they would not respond and when asked to see a picture of our logo on it and the serial number on the still but they refused and said I was now in breach of the 5 days.  I find them very unethical and we are currently looking into our options.   Looking to hear feed back on how others dealt with the delay issues and what you have done to fix it.     Please email me at Tom@camronconsulting.com

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