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The Liquor Store of the Future is Here


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We are thrilled to announce that our mobile app is now available for download in the Google Play and Apple App stores!



With the MicroFinder app from MicroShiner, users can find nearby micro-distilleries based on their current location, find reviews, hours of operation, and directions, and save their favorites to their profile using the My Bar function.

Users can also search our database of craft spirits by spirit type, rating, and price, rate spirits themselves, save their favorites to My Bar, and order spirits online where available.

We couldn't be more excited to be providing this valuable tool for discovering craft spirits and creating this new route to market.

Please contact us with any questions at growth@microshiner.com

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Hello Thatch!

Currently, we use the ADI/ACSA criterion to qualify the distilleries and spirits on our platform.

We're not certain why you are only seeing two in the State of Ohio, as there are appears to be 5 or more, including Indian Creek, Buckeye, and Mill Street, but thanks for bringing it to our attention. Can you share a screenshot? We will look into it!

Please note that not every distillery or spirit that meets the criteria has yet been added to our database.



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Hello all

I wanted to clear up a little confusion about our recent fundraising effort on Kickstarter that was brought to my attention by one of your fellow distillers.

We are not charging distilleries to be in the app, which is why we did a Kickstarter. It was a fundraising campaign to enhance our ability to add distilleries that are not currently in the app, something we cannot currently do in a cost-effective way.

Because, as this distiller told us in an email, the app is more valuable to any one distillery if it contains all of the other distilleries ("to be truly useful TO THE CONSUMER it must list almost all the microdistilleries" is what he actually said, and we agree), we feel every craft distillery has a vested interest in seeing the app improved, which is why we looked to you all to fund this enhancement through a Kickstarter campaign. It is similar to how many distilleries turn to patrons to fund their early efforts through membership clubs and whiskey barrel pre-sales, raising capital from the community who has the most to gain from their success.

As we agree that the app is more useful the more distilleries it contains (network effects), we have purposefully avoided the "pay-to-play" route. Our hope is with this better understanding of our intentions, we will see a much more significant response to our next crowdfunding campaign.

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