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On stating botanical loads


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Relating to macerated gins: I have always stated my botanical (henceforth "bot" or "bots")  load as total grams of bots / liter of spirit at which the bots are macerated. For example:


indicates a total of 23 grams of bots in a liter of neutral spirit at 63% ABV (the strength at which we macerate)

I have read here and other places two versions of this. First, some state their botanical load as g/L of botanical at kettle dilution  - that is the ratio of bots per liter of NS immediately prior to distillation (after water has been added to the mixture). What I find odd about this is that the mass of botanical seems quite low -- 23 g/L of 35% ABV (where we dilute ours to prior to distillation) is barely perfumed NS. 23 g/L at 35% corresponds to 41 g/L of bots at 63%. In my experience that would have serious louching problems. 

Others ( @Silk City Distillers  -- correct me if I'm off base here) states their botanical load as g/L of finished product. Is this correct?  We stop collecting product (I prefer not use the term "tails cut) after the distillate takes on a muted/dusty/dirty smell). Even then there is some flavor left in the "pot ale". This being the case, how can one determine the quantity of bots  in the finished product?

I ask this because of a challenge we've has scaling our recipe. I want to ensure we're in the realm of what's considered normal which I've always thought was between 20 and 35 total grams of botanicals per liter of macerate-strength neutral spirit. 



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I would advise on stabilising your g/litre as the amount in the boiler before distillation.

For example, I macerate at 50% ABV.

I look for 33-38g ingredients per litre, at 35% ABV, the strength I distill at. Depends on the type of gin.
Also bear in mind that some botanicals are not as flavour concentrated, so you need to use more.

So when macerating at 50%, I use 43% more ingredients per litre.


51.1 g/litre, 50% ABV

When diluted to 35% this would be:

35.8 g/litre

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