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Direct To Consumer via Speakeasy?


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We were approached by Speakeasy out of Centennial CO about their ability to ship directly to consumer. If I google that term I get a hit but then a 404 error. It's also not on the way back machine or google cache. I'm suspicious. They claim to ship DTC to 41 out of 50 states from California. It all starts by sending product to California with no exchange of money. They take a 12.5% transaction fee and the "distributor" takes $2/bottle taste and the "retailer" a $1.50/btl taste.  More than 2 bottles order by consumer ships for free.  I'm suspicious. Anyone else hear of or from them?


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Putting on my IT hat...

Google really has nothing to do with that message. Their (speakeasywineandspirits.com) secure certificate expired on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 7:59:59 PM.  They bought it through Comodo.  Yes, Google would like to see https everywhere (it's not a bad idea) but they don't force it.  The general public can't be bothered to look into the details of the cert nor would they read a detailed message displayed on the browser so Chrome displays that scary message. Interestingly enough, continuing to the site is just as secure as it was on October 8th. The real scam are the CAs who charge $100 a year for a cert. Bastards. 




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