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Gin Basket Design question


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So most gin basket designs are of the "tall" variety. Why not more flat? I was wondering if something like two 8" to 4" bowl reducers would make a better gin basket. For me I see that the tall design won't allow as much vapor flow to the center of the basket. I would think a perforated plate sat in the bowl might allow for better extraction. But in the back of my head  I think "It's that way for a reason, you just might not know it". And I don't know why it's tall versus flat. Tradition? Is there something else? 


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The basket that came with our still, taller than it is wide, attaches with a twist lock at the top of the pot.  Since the connection between the pot and helmet is 6", that's the limiting dimension for us and, I'd imagine, for most stills.  As this basket covers the entire path to the helmet all the vapor would have to flow through the botanicals. I'd tell you how good our gin is but we've never actually used the basket to make gin! 🤔🤣

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