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Sandpiper diaphragm pump


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7 hours ago, Jedd Haas said:

You could try replacing the balls and their seals. But first, I would call Sandpiper (Warren Rupp) and see what they suggest. Pretty sure they also have a troubleshooting guide on their site.

about the only think I have ever gotten from Warren Rupp was "take it to a dealer" they have been less than zero help in the past 


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The Sandpiper troubleshooting sheet is a good place to start. If the pump is having trouble pulling suction it indicates a sealing problem. As @Jedd Haas points out, the check ball and valve seats are the usual culprits, and a wet end rebuild is in order. Since you've already done that, it could indicate that the air end is having trouble sealing, and is therefore not able to transfer enough power to the air end to pull adequate suction.

AODD pumps are great, but troubleshooting can be tricky when things go wrong. Air will find a path wherever it can, and something as simple as a nicked o-ring that allows air to pass can bedevil you until it's fixed. My bet is that something like a torn or nicked o-ring in the air end is your problem.

That said, unless the machined components have been mangled beyond repair, a complete air end and wet end rebuild will get you basically a brand-new pump. Pay special attention to the torque specs in the user manual, as over-torquing can cause parts to not move freely, and under-torquing can provide a path for air to escape.

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