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Malting Equipment

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Selling the steeping portion of our malting equipment. This will support just over 1 ton per week of dry malt production. Includes 4 stainless steeping tanks w/ screens on bottom, 2 stainless steeping/mixing tanks w/ static agitators for use w/ rotation table, 2 electric over hydraulic dumping stations, 1 electric over hydraulic mixing + dumping station.

We steep/couched in these tanks, dumped and floor malted, then dried w/ a custom kiln, then used the mixing tanks to knock off the rootlets after kilning. No longer have the kiln but willing to share build plans for an inexpensive option to the buyer.

Here are some old pics i have; can take additional pics upon request. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1D0mSCzbqf2nPqzlaj7z8xwz0CbNRft5T

$10,000 $9,000 FOB Columbia, IL. Email adam dot stumpf at stumpys spirits dot com or call 618-281-7733 for more info.

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