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  1. Definitely sulfur. Winery probably put a ton of SO2 to it in an effort to preserve it. Redistilling doesn't quite get rid of it. Your best bet is to dilute it, aerate the heck out of it, and redisitill it through a still with plenty of copper. Hope this helps. Cheers! Adam
  2. This still is sold. Thank you all for the interest.
  3. Stumpy's

    Barley GNS?

    We are in IL but can definitely produce a barley-based GNS for you. We have done so for one other customer. 100% barley taken to 191.9 proof. If you'd like, please feel free to shoot me an email at adam.stumpfatttStumpysSpirits.com and I'd be more than happy to discuss with you. Cheers!
  4. Take the reflux returns off the pot, run the reflux through a little cooler down into a sump then pump the reflux back into the pot. Make sure there is a check valve at the base of each column and on the pressure side of the pump. We had the same issue and fixed it this way. That still is actually for sale in the peer-to-peer board if you want to take a look at the piping...or what you can see of it from the pic anyway. Hope this helps. Cheers! Adam
  5. Hey Josh, We are going to be installing a system that is larger than our current Kason centri-sifter can handle in a few months so we will be selling it. We currently separate corn, wheat, malt, and rye with it. It will def handle 600 gallons at a time. We currently have our 12" column hooked up to it and it is running 4-5 gallons per minute of spent mash through it (25-30 beer gallons depending on what we are running). It can probably run upwards of about 10-12 gallons per minute or so with the screen we have on it. If it sounds of interest, please feel free to shoot me an email to adam.
  6. Awesome. Is that the model D? I've heard mixed reviews on the drum. We have a vibratory feeder now and that thing will make you go deaf so I don't think it can be much louder than that!
  7. Anyone have an automated corker they are looking to get rid of? Prefer something that can mount to an existing conveyor and can handle 19mm and 22.5mm shank. Thanks!
  8. That looks like a lot like our still but with an extra plate Run your dephleg at 68C and make your cut when your top plate is at 92C. I think you'll be happy.
  9. We've got a continuous for sale that will do more work than a 1500 gal in a day at a fraction of the cost. Also have a 500 gal pot for sale. Ads listed in peer-to-peer for sale. Please feel free to dm for more info. Cheers! Adam
  10. Selling our 500 gallon still to make room for some larger equipment. We currently only finish vodka and gin on this still. We used to run grain-in whiskey on it but stopped once we installed our continuous column. Included are: 500 gallon pot still w/ whiskey helmet 4 plate column with dephlegmator 15 plate column with dephlegmator Gin basket Agitator 3 90 gallon storage tanks Massive Condenser Thermostatic valves to control the dephlegs Cooled reflux sump and pump This still makes some incredible spirits and we run it weekly. The column drains
  11. We've actually even made a few tweaks since the video was taken. It's even a bit more consistent and efficient than when that video was taken. Our only reason for parting ways with this still is because we need more capacity. We have purchased a vintage 28" column and will be adapting it to the same design principal that this still runs on. Any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thanks!
  12. We are selling our custom-designed continuous column still. This thing is an absolute monster and makes incredibly flavorful whiskey. It will crank out 35,000 proof gallons per year running 1 shift per day, 5 days per week. THIS COLUMN HAS THE ABILITY TO FRACTION OFF HEADS, HEARTS, AND TAILS AND DO SO EFFECTIVELY. It has multiple heat exchangers that allow the user to enter specified setpoints to control cut points on a continuous basis and has an adjustable heads output flow rate so you cane control your heads draw very precisely. The still has a lot of flexibility built in and will generally
  13. It's a 7.5 HP 3 phase motor. This particular model k is a 9x12. Just based on a quick google search, it looks like it should do 5,000 pounds per hour with the rolls set closely together.
  14. Price reduced to $4k OBO. This mill is worth close to double the asking price...just need to get it out of the way as our warehouse it full! Please feel free to email adam dot stumpf at stumpysspirits dot com for more info.
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