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  1. Standard of fill is definitely the issue. Largest container allowable is a 1.75L. Generally, kegs are either built on site at accounts in soda style kegs or there is some sort of patented mechanism/process to get alcohol into a sanke-d style keg after everything has been run through the 3-tier system. The problem with the soda style keg is that it requires draft line conversion, cleaning (who does it and how often) and the account can honestly put whatever the heck they want in it. We take the second approach with a methodology we developed. One thing you do need to be careful about is state law on who can and cannot make a cocktail. In one state we distribute in, the supplier and "build" the keg at the account under the account's supervision. In another state we distribute in, the account must do everything themselves. Kegged cocktails are a bit of a gray area right now but make sure to do your due diligence before you start and understand all of your state-by-state restrictions and guidelines.
  2. I've got about 40,000 with a 28mm cap finish, as well as black and silver caps. If you need some, I can definitely let a few pallets go.
  3. Price dropped to $25k or best offer. Very nice piece for the money. Super high quality, thick copper and cheaper than folks are selling imported stainless mash tuns for.
  4. We have seen similar results. I think it has to do with gelatinization temps. I believe corn starts to gel at 155F but doesn't really get going until 185-190. Being closer to instantaneous gelatinization increases mash viscosity as soon as that corn starts to hit the hot water and probably keeps quite a few of the solids from reaching the bottom. i could certainly be wrong but that is the way my brain has processed it and my $0.02. Cheers! Adam
  5. Sure thing. Please feel free to give me a call at your convenience 6188306356. Cheers! Adam
  6. Heck yes! I’d love to show you around. And I need to make a trip up there and check out that big expansion you guys did!
  7. Haha. This all came out of the same place in Belgium. It was an old grain genever distillery that has been running since the early 1900s. They made a ton of grain whiskey and grain genever. We are putting the majority of the equipment up here at our place but have a few pieces that we just don't need like the mash tun and this column. I figured it could do someone else much more good than sitting in the back of a storage shed collecting dust! As for actually finding it...I think I was about to the end of google at 3am while drinking bourbon! haha.
  8. For sale is a 28" diameter continuous still for a heck of a deal. Need approx 18.5' of head room to install. Stripping section has 4 large bubble caps per section which offer better turndown than sieve plates and is made from stainless. Wines section has 5 rectification bubble cap plates and is made from copper. Bottoms float tank to regulate bottoms level is included. No condensers, beer heater, or doubler included. $150,000 OR BEST OFFER as it sits now. We'd also consider an equity stake in lieu of a portion of the cash to purchase for the right opportunity. Still originally ran grain whiskey and was custom manufactured in Belgium in 1945. FOB Columbia, IL 62236. Email adam d0t stumpf @t stumpysspirits d0t com for more info.
  9. We are selling a horizontal copper mash tun that was built in the 1920s and last operated in 2014. We purchased it with an equipment package but do not have a use for it. Steam Heated Large horizontal mixer driven by chain and sprocket. Jack shaft to drive agitator not shown in pictures but is included, along with mounting blocks/bearings and the connecting chain. External waterfall cooler w/ collection pan on bottom. $25,000 OBO FOB Columbia, IL 62236 I can email more pics upon request.
  10. Ah. No prob at all. Maybe check the probrewer.com classifieds??? Cheers!
  11. I have a vintage solid copper mash tun available that is right around 3200 liters/850 gallons. It does not have a false bottom but has a big beefy agitator. Not shown in this picture is the jackshaft and chain that drive the big sprocket on the agitator...those are included. This came out of a grain jenever distillery in Belgium that was using it to mash 100% malt for its process. $30,000 USD Firm Price. FOB Columbia, IL 62236.
  12. Selling the following equipment: Bearcat Hammer Mill with a variety of screens for corn, wheat, rye, and malt. Blower attached to side of mill for conveying grain, and piping for connecting to bin Grist case / bin that holds about 8,000 pounds of milled grain Dust collector to pull air/dust off top of grist case as grain is going in. All-in-all it's a pretty tidy operation that we ran indoors. Depending on your grain and screen selection, it will run about 2,500 pounds per hour on a fine grind. Motor not included with grain mill (was driven by 15hp) and one dust collector bag has a hole. The filter bags are only about $17 on amazon. $3,000. FOB Columbia, Illinois 62236
  13. Just enough to get to your target pH. Probably 20-30% of your total liquid volume.
  14. Dang. Sorry, don't have that one on the floor.
  15. Which bottle are you looking for? We have some on the floor. Cheers! Adam
  16. Definitely sulfur. Winery probably put a ton of SO2 to it in an effort to preserve it. Redistilling doesn't quite get rid of it. Your best bet is to dilute it, aerate the heck out of it, and redisitill it through a still with plenty of copper. Hope this helps. Cheers! Adam
  17. This still is sold. Thank you all for the interest.
  18. Take the reflux returns off the pot, run the reflux through a little cooler down into a sump then pump the reflux back into the pot. Make sure there is a check valve at the base of each column and on the pressure side of the pump. We had the same issue and fixed it this way. That still is actually for sale in the peer-to-peer board if you want to take a look at the piping...or what you can see of it from the pic anyway. Hope this helps. Cheers! Adam
  19. Hey Josh, We are going to be installing a system that is larger than our current Kason centri-sifter can handle in a few months so we will be selling it. We currently separate corn, wheat, malt, and rye with it. It will def handle 600 gallons at a time. We currently have our 12" column hooked up to it and it is running 4-5 gallons per minute of spent mash through it (25-30 beer gallons depending on what we are running). It can probably run upwards of about 10-12 gallons per minute or so with the screen we have on it. If it sounds of interest, please feel free to shoot me an email to adam.stumpf attt stumpysspirits.com Thanks, Adam
  20. Awesome. Is that the model D? I've heard mixed reviews on the drum. We have a vibratory feeder now and that thing will make you go deaf so I don't think it can be much louder than that!
  21. Anyone have an automated corker they are looking to get rid of? Prefer something that can mount to an existing conveyor and can handle 19mm and 22.5mm shank. Thanks!
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