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Turn Key Distillery Set Up

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Our lease is about to end and we are moving into a Co-pack agreement to continue making our products. We are selling a full turn key distillery set up with delivery within 200 miles of 23704. Price $65,000. This is a great set up for an easy price with everything you need to be fully operational immediately! 

SS 600 gal electric mash tun/ heating elements/ agitated by a 3 in” neitsche progressive cavity pump. Moves high corn mash bills with ease. 2X3 in 6ft high temp food grade hose/ ball valves and connections to agitate mash. 

3X 200gal Apollo HDPE fermenters, with cooling system. Each fermentation tank has autonomous cooling control to allow for differences in temperature from each tank with PID control and all copper piping and pumps. Fully turn key temperature control system.

3/4 in sanitary Mash transfer pump, with connections for 2 in high temp food grade transfer hoses total 45 ft. All Tri-clamp gaskets and connections.

105 gal Bain Marie SS electric still with 6 plate copper column/ dephlagamator. Plates can be removed to run as a pot still very easily, within minutes. Agitator and Bain Marie allows for grain on distillation. Old school barrel condenser with 60ft of copper coil, dephlagamator and condenser have a PID temperature controlled recirculating water system. Quarter turn ball valves mounted to condenser stand to allow for easy control of water flow/temperature. Removable copper parrot. 

14 gal SS pot with temperature gauge for collection of spirit as well as proofing tank for bottling. 

Enolomatic 1 spout bottle filler/ actually fills very quickly. 

3x50 gal HDPE drums for spirit storage and proofing/ bottling collection

12x 1 gal glass jugs for collection of finished spirits

4x30 gal black swan honeycomb barrels medium toast #4 char.brand new

1x53 gal black swan honeycomb barrel #4char medium toast.

various 10 gal used barrels. 

Tri-clamps/reducers/ gaskets/spool peices/ measuring equipment/ graduated cylinders/ iPad to run Software to keep TTB information. 

Tasting room

glasses of all types and sizes glencarin/martini/highball. Cocktail mixing tools etc.  

Clover POS system


Complete turn key set up, plug and play. Also willing to help come and set up and consult on your project for an additional price. 

This system works great for making whisky/bourbon/gin and moonshine. 

Will add pictures to this post. 

Email skylerpittman@gmail.com for any questions. 

Website is Copperandoakcs.com for some pictures of equipment and tasting room.






















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