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Labeling solution for a bottle with pedestal base

Chris Ober

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a labeler for applying labels to a bottle that has a pedestal style base? Ex: the base is larger than the rest of the bottle.  I've tried Primera and it won't adjust well enough and wants to climb the drive roller since it's not spinning the bottle 'true.'

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Do you have a picture of the bottle? I have a semi automatic labeler for sale, you’ll see it in the classifieds. For a pedestal base there’s not a lot of options in the entry level as the primera and race labelers (and most others in that price range) rely on a round cylinder with no taper or other shapes.

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Hey Chris - just following up to see if you ever found a solution. We have a customer with a similar situation. He's using a Bottle-Matic Labeler (by Dispensa-Matic) and the manufacturer ended up making a modification to the main roller to allow for that part of the bottle to fit into. Let me know if you need any additional info on a modification like this.



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