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Best Boiler Treatment for Intermittent Systems


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This was a run around the bend dealing with a boiler that is not fired 24-7, even with 170F standby.

I have after some extreme effort and about 4 different combinations tried found the one that works and its looking pretty good. The chemical is Power Engineering 2478 which is a Nitrite and Amine. You set to 800-1200 PPM and monitor the other parameters within similar ranges to what is typically expected. This has gotten what would otherwise be considered a runaway corrosion problem into control. I can recommend it most likely for any distillery boiler that is not run often and is subject to go cold. A standby aquastat circuit on the boiler is advised, but the envelope may be able to be pushed. Your blowdown water should be near clear. The other thing I strongly advise is if you have extra Boiler capacity, then use your steam boiler to heat all your plant process hot water by one of several HX means. Then your system will be kept active most all the time, and your return station will stay warm which is important. Steam boilers of course do better when they are run near continuous. I have used and run Tube bundles with pump setups. Tube bundles in tanks, and  HLT systems.


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A lot of the problems we have seen in our oil & propane company have been in nipples size 1” and less on the systems we have installed over the years. And typically on the condensate return. They have also been all cheep Chinese black iron ones and our supplier stopped caring them last year thank god.  In the field we now only use U.S. black iron pipe and fittings.  And at the distillery every thing is being converted to U.S. SS pro press fittings and SS pipe as we expand and move things around.  We bought a Pro Press kit last year for the Service Dept and the guys love it.  Hardly a reason to take our the threader.  And a perk, the distillery gets to use it as needed. 

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I unknowingly bought some 1-1/2" non-domestic black pipe for a job. What has been detemined is it a real problem to thread for sure. Many industrial systems are using all SS for certain steam and condensate applications. Fur sure this is a great way to go if it can be done. Its also an art to cut and thread it.

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