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  1. PRCDC - Why 1.082? Give 1.054-1.058 a try.
  2. Eric

    I signed up for Nancy Farley‘s nosing event on 10-29 and that went through fine for the $75 charge and when I clicked on the link for the nosing kit a 404 page showed up and I couldn’t order the kit can you please help me out? -Dave

  3. We might be interested. Why are your letting it go? do you have any current pictures of the system?
  4. So I’m hearing rumblings that glass is really, really getting hard to source. The US manufactures are running very long lead times 6+ months in some cases regardless of the (even 50k+) quantity. Is it a China uncoupling? Is business that good? Or has all the sand disappeared? Just wondering?
  5. We make a great product from imported 100% blue agave syrup. Our Platinum received best of category and double gold. I’m sad to admit that our Reposado and Anejo didn’t fare as well they only got gold. We’ve never thought of selling any of our product in bulk to another distillery, but I guess if the price and volume is right we might be interested. www.WigglyBridgeDistillery.com
  6. Bump this is a great read and would love more info and discussion.
  7. That is a tall order. The average craft distillery sell less than 1000 cases per year. Let’s say their 6 packs that would be 6000 bottles. If you wanted to pay someone poverty level compensation let’s say $28k per year their Commission would be around $4.70 per bottle or $28 per case. You will also have to pay them mileage if they use their own car to go around. The last figure I saw was .58 cents per mile driven. Let’s say they drive 6500 miles in that year to sell your 6000 bottles then that overhead cost would be $3770. Your are now at $5.30 per bottle or $31.77 per case. I’m not going to touch on expense account reimbursement at all. My 9 years of doing this is the owner needs to peddle their hooch until they get to 2500 cases per year and then it makes monetary sense to creat a sales persons position. We compensate our two sales positions $40-$46k (salaried) per year and provided each of them with a wrapped Wiggly car. You will go broke paying the IRS minimum mileage reimbursement and not have a billboard driving around. Been there, done that. And if you don’t pay the IRS reimbursement and it’s found out your screwed. And they only find out from past sales people..... Now you could have a person that just loves what you do and wants to be part of it. That’s awesome. We have done this in the past and works marginally. We paid $6.50 for every bottle placed. Tracking is hard but doable. Don’t forget the competition is using professional sales people and the mistake craft distilleries make (we did) is they don’t. We lucked out, now our two sales people are huge fans and left their previous sales position to come on board. We do bonus them out when agreed to numbers are hit for the quarter. And that can add up to an additional $3000 for the quarter. It’s only been hit 1 time in the past 8 quarters since we started this but, you know there is this COVID thing going around and they feel secure having a job. We’re just now seeing improvements on the sales side. Best, Dave
  8. Get ahold of Marty Duffy North American sales manager from Glencairn. We get our directly from them.
  9. We’ll take 1000 of them off your hands. Info@WigglyBridgeDistillery.com PayPal?
  10. What control state we operate in a couple and their different.
  11. Passed both Houses as a Permanent Bill (no more extensions). Now off for The Presidents signature probably later today. -Cheers
  12. We use SpiritShippers when needed. Work great. Approved FedEx UPS. One and done. 1 to 12 bottle styles. We use the 6&12 for LibDib orders and single for samples.
  13. Well when your out straight you are smart to slow taking quotes. NoLimits is a small shop doing great works and every time I went to the shop they were busting at the seems. A business running at maximum production with low overhead. It’s what built our great country and now every wants Amazon prime with dollar store pricing. 🤯 Price,Quality, Service you can only get two. I chose price and quality and excepted a long production time and would do it again in a snap.
  14. We’re ink on glass on all of our products. We do hand apply a small label on our Agave’s along with the ink.
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