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Overpowering ethanol smell


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Hi Guys,

I have a question, we use Cane Spirit (thus ethanol distilled from Sugar Cane) not GNS to make our Gin, but we still get a very strong spirity smell with our end product. It is sometimes so strong that it overpowers the nice botanicals scents, what can we do to dull down this smell ?

Secondly, some of the greens we put in the basket while distilling, end up with this bad stewy taste/ smell, how can we get the delicate greens to give us a fine , clean taste ?

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I've never found cane spirit to be truly neutral, even commercially sold neutral, or even cane vodkas.  Seems to always retain that rummy top note as a characteristic signature.  Always seems to come across as a very very light rum.  Not saying this is a bad thing, plenty of other neutrals retain distinctive flavor or aroma based on the fermentable.  Other than further processing of your cane spirit, additional distillation, carbon, you'll likely need to find a way to adjust the botanical profile to play nicely with the base spirit.  What comes to mind for me, is a warmer profile gin vs a cooler/citrus gin.  Might be fun to experiment with some of the warmer botanicals used in a spiced rum (cinnamon, allspice, clove, cubeb, anise, vanilla, etc) - as many of these work very very well with a rum profile.  I've been dying to try a falernum-inspired gin, lime, ginger, almond, clove, allspice - a cane spirit base would be ideal here.

Gin basket is the fix for delicate botanicals - if you are still feeling you are getting stewed flavor profiles as part of a basket, the next step is really complicated - vacuum distillation.  We felt this to be the case with cucumber, even in a basket it's impossible to get a clean, crisp cucumber - to me it always seemed muddled - sure, cucumber, but not like biting into a cucumber on a summer day.  Vacuum distillation?  On boy.  Talk about botanicals in high fidelity.

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