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DISCUS Covid-19 Resource Page

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DISCUS has put together a resource page for distillers here: https://www.distilledspirits.org/distillers-responding-to-covid-19/

Our COVID-19 Hand Sanitizer Connection Portal is a resource for distillers looking to produce hand sanitizer – providing a list of the necessary ingredients and supplies for making sanitizer and identifying distribution methods.. The portal is available for ALL American distillers to access.

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You likely need to add other ingredients to this list that can be used to denature the alcohol.

Most distillers won't have these ingredients on hand and need these to avoid paying taxes on the alcohol produced for the sanitizer.

You should also provide a link for the mandatory registration with the FDA Drug Registration and Listing System BEFORE producing any sanitizer.

To many people are likely going to have issues later without following the specific 6 step set of instructions and not following the footnotes to understand those steps that have been given by the TTB.  Anything you can add to the portal will help to avoid these issues.

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ADI does not administer the DISCUS website or its content. Any concerns about the DISCUS resource page should be directed to them.

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