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I am offering a hands on whiskey distilling class at the The Schenectady Distilling Company.  It is a 3 day class scheduled for January 16, January 23, and January 30.  Each day will focus on a specific part of the distilling process.  Day one Mashing and fermentation,  Day 2 stripping run, and Day 3 Finishing run.  In between the time spent on production we will go over all the other systems in the distillery as well as other topics including Licensing, labeling, bottling, TTB reporting, NYS reporting, safety, aging, etc. Presently, I'm an instructor for SUNY SCCC for Craft Spirit Production I & II and the distillery uses an 800 gallon Mash Tun, 800 gallon stripping still, 800 gallon fermentors and a 300 gallon column still. Class Cost is $495.00. Please call if you are interested.  518-952-1211.  If you are interested in the course, but the timing doesn't work please give me a call to check on future courses that might fit your schedule.

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