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something to lighten your Monday


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Has anyone ever had the moment where they relies that they are really off the mark and should have stayed home in bed and nor interacted with the world? Well last week I distilled  my first whiskey wash that was at 10% abv. (for the last year I have been distilling beer at 5-6% abv.)

So I have the still set up and it is working fine, I make the methanol cut and I seemed warm, humm odd but keep going, the fore shots are warm too, but that will cool down for sure... nope the temp was 30*c . Moving on 10L into the run the temp of the distillate coming off the still was 63*c WTF is my condenser not on? Sure it is I can see the water stream...

Then it dawns on me that the higher the ethanol the lower the boiling point of the wash.  Adjustments were made, I felt really stupid, and I think I learned something. There must be a chart for that too LOL.

the rest of the run went fine and I made 62L of nice tasting spirit that I have since barreled and have left for time to take over the work.

To all of you in the community I thank you for all your help over the past year, I hope this brightens your day.






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Here's a decent chart for what you need. Your 10% ABV wash would boil at about 93C while a 5% would be about 96C.

Also, buy "Whiskey: Technology, Production and Marketing". It's a great resource for understanding the fundamental science behind distillation.



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