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Thoughts on this still for a beginner looking to make vodka?


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After homebrewing for years, I'm finally ready to take the first step into home distilling. In order to prepare myself, for the last six months I've been reading a ton of content and watching many videos on the science, process, and practice behind distilling specifically as it relates to vodka production which is what I am most interested in making. 

I finally feel like I'm ready to do my first run, so I'm now in the market to purchase a still to make vodka. I want a relatively inexpensive still given that I am brand new at this so I don't want the most expensive and shiny new piece of equipment.  That being said, I still want quality and don't want the absolutely cheapest thing out there. I came across this still on Amazon and was curious if you all think this is a good option for a beginner looking to make vodka:


Or, are there better options out there? Open to all suggestions. 

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To be very frank with you this still is absolute trash. Those clips to hold on the lid will be non penetrating tack welds that will fail eventually under pressure from normal use. Also, I doubt this has a PRV on it. If it does, I doubt it is rated calibrated sized or functional. It's also likely that the copper is not a suitable alloy for your intended purposes. Also, with out actual specs and bastardizing my whole day to do this for you, I cannot confirm that there is enough copper in there to make good spirit, but I can tell you I doubt there is. Also, again without specs and bastardizing my day, the dimensions of the plates and caps is something I don't think looks right. If you're trying to hit azeo, fuck those plates and run a packed column. the depgh looks like a pussy too. Just my $.02.


You can get a better still for less elsewhere. You can build yourself a much better still for much much much much less with a little gumption. Good luck man! Keep asking questions! I don't mean to rain on your parade but I wanted to keep you from making a mistake. From one seasoned and graduated Moonshiner, to a new one. Have fun.

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