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New to Forum, distilling in New Zealand

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Hi I am Alan. I have been distilling in New Zealand for coming on three years now in a small 80 litre Hoga Copper pot still. I use this for making Brandy, Palinka, Rum and Vodka. I also have a column that fits on top used for making fantastic Grappa.

I am in the process of setting up a Micro Distillery on the Island I live on. I have a 1000L Hoga Still on its way. Intending to make Vodka, Gin and Absinthe initially, dispersed with Whiskey and rum, to be set down for aging while the previouse three keep cash flow going.

New Zealand only has a population of 4 million so I am looking at doing a few different products, done in small amounts and done well and aiming at top end of the market. Time will tell if I achieve this goal.

My current Grappa's are all single vinyard, single varietal and are fantastic. Looking to experiment with Calvados as well this year.

I have spent the last few years reading anything and everything I can lay my hands on concerning distilling and brewing and applying this theory to my distilling. I am looking forward to learning how my new baby handles and all her peculiarities(damn, need a spell check on this).

I am doing things slowly and in my own time, with no outside investors and on a shoe string, every penny I earn goes into research, yes books and alcohol, and equipment. Lately I have been thinking I need to review my business plan and make it a bit more professional and possibly look for investors but well the sun is shinning, the beach is 2 minutes away and I would rather be distilling than stuck behind a PC again like may day job...

Anyway I look forward to contributing more and appreciate all the advice I have already read on this form and hope it continue when I ask a dumb question.

Kind Regards


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