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Juniper Berry Costs/Vendors?


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Hey folks...seeing crazy costs for Juniper Berries, currently.  Looking at triple the cost from a year ago.  Obviously I know that costs of everything has skyrocketed, but this one is crazy.  Assume everyone else is seeing this?  Anyone have new sources for Juniper Berries?

Thanks all and happy distilling.

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FWIW, I put together a small excel spreadsheet of the botanicals I need for my gin and pricing form several of the larger suppliers. In all cases but one, SF Herb was had the best pricing. You do need to be wary of freight charges. Monterrey Bay has free shipping for orders over $300 so that may be enticing enough to use them. Last I checked Sf Herb was 9.41 per pound of Juniper, The others were all over $14.00

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