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single double,tripple or....... shot gin


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I went overseas and visitied a distillery. I really liked their gin. When looking at their equipment I saw that they had a small simple still over to the side. When talking to the distiller he explained that they used it to make "gin concentrate" He wasnt really the talking type and I totally respect peoples right to their  recepies, procedures  and other secrets. From what i gathered  the method they used was something like..

1. They added  some botanicals and 95% GNS to the still pot

2. 12 hrs later they proofed still pot down to 40% and added the other botanicals

3. After another 12 hrs they started the distillation

4. They changed the "distillation speed" (must be the energy input like steam valve opening or kW) to the still depending on temperature. I assume  liquid temp because i didnt see any thermometer in the vapor pass. 

5. After distillation they proofed down to bottling strength 40% and mixed it with their 40% vodka. The ratio was done to taste but approximately 1/3 to 1/4 gin concentrte and 2/3 to 3/4 vodka.

Supposedly someone with experience from a large scale gin distillery had helped hem with recepie and procedure.


Does anyone make gin like this? Please comment on the methods. I have heard normally 30g botanicals per liter of 80proof charge. If making gin concentrate wold that need to be trippled or even quadrupled    

I assume (under 1) the the initial botanical going into the high test GNS in Juniper?   

I am somewhat intrigued by the possibility of changing the flavorprofile  by speding up or slowing down the distilliation at certain temperatures. Not sure how proctical or manageble it is to make a consistant products that way. Please comment opinions and experiences.





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I think there may be a gin shotting discussion somewhere if you search…. Have done it quite a bit open to answer any specific questions about it as far as I can be valuable. Shotting does work but it can take some dialing in. Packing botanicals can get particular and one must remember gin baskets and macerates aren’t equal. Also, some recipes just aren’t meant to shot. 

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