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Preliminary Stages Want to Start a distillery

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Hello, I'm Regg me and my Uncle Ray want to start a distillery. We are in rural Nebraska. I'm married middle age guy with family and Ray is  Widower who turned 80 recently. I have some computer tech support experience and grew up on a farm, Ray a lifetime Entrepreneur with experience in sales and marketing and patents, Lots of patents in pet food and farm grain/feed mill experience. He are the LARGEST grower of Dry Mature Sweet corn in the US and has studied and grown and experimented with DMS since early 70's with many products and patents and uses. Well we had a bunch of whiskey made at a custom batch distiller and think we want to start our own. We have buildings in town that can be used and unlimited supply of corn. I am looking up rules and regulations and all that is involved but there is a lot we don't know. We may have a guy in town with distilling experience with sanitizer / THC oil? I'm not sure yet. Where do we go from here? What challenges do we face what can we expect? We think we want equipment big enough to expand in the future but not so small its a hobby or home use. Thanks all


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