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Lot of Fresh Dumped First Filled 53gal Bourbon/Whiskey Barrels

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Looking to sell the following lot of fresh dumped first used 53gal barrels. Below are listed the current on hand of barrels by: quantity, mash type that was stored in the barrel and length of storage time. We are looking to sell this as a full lot at $250 per barrel (if wanting them to be palleted, cost of the pallet will be additional). Shipping will be paid by the buyer (shipping from NC) but we will load the truck. 

Qty        Mash            Age

164   Bourbon (21% Rye)          2 month

8       Bourbon (21% Rye)          2 year

8       Whiskey (95% Rye)          8 month


Please message if you have any questions and also if you want to be included on future first dump barrel sales opportunities in the future.


barrel post.jpg

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