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New Tasting Room Questions

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This might be a different by state question but here goes. (Btw we have two locations because unfortunately the original ended up not being as much room as we had hope due to landlord pulling some stuff last minute...)

We are looking to open a spirits tap room sometime in the next year. But currently we only really produce Vodka. We would like to have a variety for customers to try initially but probably won't have the time to get some good brown liquor going before open. I've seen on here and know that some people buy from OEM / producers. For states that have the serve what you make law, would I not be allowed to serve that at the tasting room?

If our primary plant has the main production equipment and the tasting room (just a mile away) had a still for tasting room customers. Can I not sell bottles produced at the plant? If I run out of spirit from the still in the tasting room can I supplement from the main? Could I possibly bring low wines over to finish the strip?

Thanks all!



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Your question will depend on state law. Since you didn't mention your state it's unlikely anyone can give you a definitive answer without more information. You also didn't mention whether it's one DSP with a non-contiguous expansion, or two separate DSP facilities.

With that said, you could probably bring bulk product from one facility to the other, bottle onsite, and sell at that location.

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